The List of “Must-Have” for Newborns

The early weeks of a newborn could mean a handful of tools and must-have stuff. It can be overwhelming since there are plenty of baby gears that you could find in the market. Excited parents especially, first timers can think of various baby needs and tend to end up buying things that are not really required.
For your newborn’s must have, we come up with a short list so you and baby can survive his or her first few months. These are the things that we considered necessary to make parenting job easier for you and for baby.


This comes first in our list since newborns tend to sleep almost all the time during their first few weeks. A portable napper comes in handy during midday naps and allows your baby to sleep anywhere comfortable and quiet in the house.
By all means, you will need a crib for long-term use but, more often, newborns are most likely to sleep with their parents which are actually recommended by pediatricians as well. The portable napper is one safe gear to use.


Are no newbie in the must-have list. These long, stretchy fabrics allow parents to carry their babies for longer periods without feeling fatigue. It is an effective and safe carrier option for baby’s first few months. Parents find it efficient in calming colicky and grumpy newborns.Continue reading

Caring for an Infant: The Challenges and Perks of Relative Care

Infants and young children have extra emotional needs and by fully understanding these needs, most of our troubles in dealing with them will be settled. This specifically applies to dealing with the infant’s attachment needs and the possible effects of separating them from their parents.

Gone are the days that only a mother can truly take care of her baby. Anyone of us is capable of providing these youngsters the adequate attention and love they need. Dads and other male relatives, such as older brother, uncles and grandfathers are no longer shadowy figures. They were once cast as passive participants in raising infants, but not anymore.

These days, not only the mothers are considered integral and crucial persons in a care giving team. The people surrounding the infant can do their share of parenting tasks to raise their newborns.Continue reading

May 31, 2016

Taking Care of Your Baby this Summer

With summer just rolled around us and the weather is getting hotter, parents like you would like to make sure that their babies are well-protected and comfortable. Adults can experience changes in their skin and body during warmer days, but these changes also have an impact to babies and toddlers. Thus, they require special attention, according to the season.

Baby in summer

Your baby’s body will soon get to adjust to the environment, but you also have to ensure his or her safety and comfort during the summer season. You see, summer activities would require being outside most of the time and that could trigger some health problems concerning your baby. Heat rash, getting sunburned, dehydration, heat stroke and insect bites are the common issues that we should handle to get the most of summer heat.

So what’s a parent can do to prevent this summer-related problems?

Baby’s Summer Precautions

Is your baby spending most of her summer at home or outdoors? Regardless if you go on a vacation in the  Maldives or just having a “staycation” at home, there are some things that you should do so the baby will feel comfortable and happy.Continue reading

Fisher-Price Deluxe Take Along Swing and Seat Product Review

What do we love about baby swings? Some of it is efficient some are not. Others are durable while some tend to break easily. Still, many parents would go for baby swings and consider this produce as a necessity for their  growing babies.

Swings are great tools to keep your baby comfortable and entertained. Sometimes, cradling him whenever he gest grumpy won’t work. Baby swings come handy to give your baby this cradling motion he needs.

What if you could get not just an ordinary baby swing but, a swing with music ,nature sounds and six different speed settings? We bet you will love the Fisher-Price Deluxe Take-Along Swing & Seat.

Features of the Product

Fisher-Price Deluxe Take-Along Swing & Seat offers various features that both moms and babies will definitely like.

  1. With nature sounds and soothing music – babies love lullabies and nature sounds. It keep them calm and comfy. This baby swing has 10 tunes and vibrations which also aids in calming colicky and grumpy babies.
  2. The Fisher-Price Deluxe Take-Along Swing & Seat has SmartSwing Technology. It has six different swinging speeds which suits baby’s different moods. It was called SmartSwing because it actually senses your baby’s weight. Unlike other swings, this baby swing won’t slow as your baby grows and gets heavy.
  3. It has a soft padded area with overhead plush toys that are machine washable.

Continue reading

March 31, 2016

High-tech Baby Swings

Baby swings literally give us a break. These fully-loaded, high-tech swings mostly do the hard work for parents like you. From the traditional baby swings with bells and whistles that run manually, baby swings have improved over the past decades. You can now enjoy some “me time” without manually swinging your child.
Because parents don’t bounce or vibrate tirelessly like these baby swings, babies find comfort and ease in these baby products. They replicate the motions parents do to soothe their colicky and fussy little ones. While some people would say that swings are not necessary in your long checklist of baby essentials, we still believe it is important.
Plus, it is amazing to see how baby swings have gotten so far in terms of technology. They are now designed to mimic unique movements of parents comforting their babies. Most children respond well to these movements.

What’s with the High-tech Swings?

High tech swings are armed with new setups and various options. Manufacturers also incorporate better entertainment compared to traditional swings. Some of them have the following specifications;
– Has a wide, pivot base, allowing for a wide range of motion
– With different motion patterns that are usually patterned with parent’s motionsContinue reading

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