What You Can See in a 10 Weeks Ultrasound: Monitoring the Growth of the Baby

Symptoms usually occur at the early stage of pregnancy. During this stage, the risk and complications are high. At six weeks, you may unlikely feel changes in your body but symptoms show up and it becomes worse all throughout. The first trimester of pregnancy can be tough to most women. You start to feel changes, have cravings, and experience the symptoms.

When you have reached the 10th week of your pregnancy, the risks of congenital defects and miscarriage decrease. This is because the most important stage of fetal development has already ended. However, this does not mean that you and your baby are free from possible complications in the succeeding weeks.

What Happens At The 10th Week Of Pregnancy?

At 10 weeks, you are now nearing the second trimester. This is usually the time when parents start to plan and assess options for the baby. You begin to decide whether you are going to give birth at home, in a local hospital, or in a birthing center. You even start to research more about baby names and other stuff.

However, you cannot deny the fact that you will still feel anxious and worried. This time, physical changes will happen and you will start thinking about the growing baby inside you. At times, you will also be concerned about the possible changes that will happen around you. Pregnant women experience it but if there are things that bother you, it would be better to talk to your doctor.

From a zygote to an embryo, the fetus now grows as big as a lime. It also starts to gain weight. During this week, the fetus looks more human with the presence of the major organs. Though it is the first appearance of the baby bump, it is still too early to show up for some women. But you should not worry about it, especially if it’s your first pregnancy.

10th Week Of Pregnancy: Fetal Development

As mentioned, major organs are now visible at ten weeks of conception. You can see in an ultrasound that your baby is already more than an inch in length. You can also notice that the head protrudes due to the developing brain. Tiny nails also begin to forms on the fingers and toes. Hairs begin to grow. Major organs are in place and the size becomes bigger.

Their jawbones start to form with their milk teeth ready. The heart has now on its full shape beating two to three times faster than an average person. They can now swallow the liquid, produce digestive juices, and starts kicking. Have an ultrasound so you can understand what I am saying. You can notice the jerky movements and bouncing.

At ten weeks, fingers and toes begin to separate from a webbed-formation. They can bend their arms and wrist. If the baby is a boy, he will begin to produce testosterone. Here are the developments that happen at 10 weeks of pregnancy:

1. Sensory Organ Development

This means the sense organs are becoming visible. The eyes are already being in place. The internal ear is almost finished growing while the external ears are already completed. At first, you can see that both the eyes and the ears start to appear at the sides of the head. But this will be moving to its proper place.

2. Facial Development

The forehead becomes bulge making more room for the brain. You can also notice hair follicles starting to grow. The forehead is constantly flattening which will cause the normal appearance and shape of the fetal head.

3. Limb Development

At this phase, tiny hands and legs continue to develop and grow longer. Fingernails and toenails are present as well as the fingerprints. The bones and cartilages will continuously grow during this week.

4. Nervous System Development

Ten weeks allows the development of the nervous system. The outline of the spinal cord can already be seen. The spinal nerves are also stretching out from the spine.

5. Internal Organ Development

This is the major development that happens at the 10th week. Vital organs are already in place. These include the brain, liver, kidneys, and the heart. These organs begin to function on their own as they continue to develop and grow. The intestines can already move and tighten. This helps them practice swallowing. Diaphragm starts to develop as it gently separates the abdomen and the chest. At 10 weeks, the sex organ begins to grow. This will make you know the gender in following weeks.

10 Weeks Ultrasound: Checking The Baby’s Growth

Usually, doctors advise ultrasound monitoring during the tenth week. This is to check the growth and development of the baby. Since most of his organs have started becoming mature, you can also see how the development progresses. But, it is definitely still impossible to detect the gender of the baby as early as ten weeks. You can check it later, at week 18 just so you can be sure. Here are the factors that you can see on an ultrasound:

  • The ultrasound shows that the baby’s head is almost half the size of his body.
  • Heartbeat detection at ten weeks is simple. You can now get to see the heart and hear the sound of the heartbeat. The sonogram will also let you see the heart supplying blood throughout the body.
  • ​At ten weeks, you can notice the spine and the enormous number of spinal nerves stretching out.
  • ​You can also see tiny hair growing.
  • Since the skin becomes translucent or see-through, it is easier to determine the functioning of the internal organs.

Pregnancy Symptoms And Body Changes At 10th Week

As the development continues, your baby is growing into its human form. The most critical stage of growth has already ended and they are now entering the fetal period. Muscles, tissues, and organs are becoming more matured.

However, you will still feel the signs and symptoms during this period. Aside from that, your body also starts to change. Due to your growing uterus and increasing blood volume, you will experience pain and other symptoms. Your HCG and Progesterone levels will also make your complexion brighter and smoother. This is often termed as the “pregnancy glow”. This happens when the number of facial oil glands increases. You can also experience your breast getting fuller due to the growing milk-producing glands.

Though morning sickness, headache, and dizziness decrease at ten weeks, there are times that you will still feel it. It’s not harmful, though. You can also experience other symptoms like heartburn, bloating, flatulence, and much more. Take a look at the list below:

  • Nausea
  • Feeling of tiredness and fatigue
  • ​Poor eyesight
  • ​Bleeding of gums due to high progesterone level
  • Lower back and pelvic pain due to growing size of uterus and increased blood flow
  • ​Difficulty in maintaining sleeping pattern or insomnia
  • ​Risk of acne outbreak
  • Heartburn, shortness of breath, dizziness, and headache
  • ​Constipation and feeling bloated
  • ​Mild abdominal pain
  • Round ligament pain
  • ​Having strange dream
  • Rapid emotional changes and depression
  • ​Bluish prominent veins, especially around the breasts and belly
  • ​Breast changes, fuller breast
  • Abdominal and breast tenderness
  • ​Rapid weight gain
  • Excessive hunger and thirst
  • Joint pain

When To Seek Medical Help?

If you feel the symptoms listed above, think of it as a normal occurrence. It happens at times. However, if symptoms become severe and you can no longer tolerate the pain, it would be better to have yourself checked immediately. If you experience other symptoms that you doubt it’s not related to your pregnancy, talk to your doctor.

Oftentimes, it’s much better to be more cautious and observant. In order to avoid serious complications, here are the lists when you must have an appointment with your doctor:

  • Severe nausea, vomiting, and blood in vomit. This will harm the baby as it causes dehydration and loss of weight.
  • Severe abdominal cramping and/or heavy vaginal bleeding. This can be a sign of ectopic pregnancy or miscarriage.
  • ​Extreme pain in the pelvic or groin area.
  • ​Pain or burning sensation during urination. This can indicate infections such as urinary tract infection (UTI) or cystitis.
  • ​Brown vaginal discharge.
  • ​Odorous, clear, yellowish or greenish cervical mucus. This is also a sign of infection like a yeast infection.
  • Fever with a body temperature of over 102 degrees Fahrenheit and chills. This increases the risk of miscarriage.
  • A severe headache with or without dizziness and fainting.

Tips On How To Have A Healthy Pregnancy

Now that you have read about what you can expect at ten weeks, you should go to the next time. How should you ensure a healthy and safe pregnancy? First things first, before setting out your plan, you should have thought of assuring a healthy pregnancy in the first place. Start making a list and work your priorities.

During the ten weeks of pregnancy, your doctor may tell you to take certain genetic tests. This is to detect any hereditary or congenital disorders, such as Down syndrome. All the tests are non-invasive. This means blood samples are taken from you which will be examined and check the DNA of the baby.

Sometimes, you may also be required to have routine tests during your checkups. Other exams are only necessary when your family has a history of high-risk diseases or if you are pregnant at the age of 35. If your symptoms have already lessened, you can start exercising. Although it is important to stay fit even during pregnancy, you need to consult your doctor if it’s safe for you and your baby. Listed below are the tips on how to help you maintain a healthy pregnancy:

  • Include protein-rich food in your diet. You can have beans, lentils, meat, soy products, fish, and nuts.
  • Have some ginger ale or nib on a few salty crackers before you get out of your bed in the morning. This is an effective way to reducing morning sickness.
  • ​Drink plenty of fluids and eat fruits with high water content. It is important to always stay hydrated. You can have melons or watermelons.
  • ​Increase your calcium intake. Calcium is essential for the growth and development of the baby’s muscles and teeth.
  • Eat a few healthy snacks throughout the day. This is to avoid staying on an empty stomach and it also helps manage nausea.
  • ​Avoid greasy or fatty foods. If you are pregnant, you should maintain your weight. You only need to gain 300 extra calories throughout the pregnancy cycle period. Double the digit if you are expecting twins.
  • ​Take your multivitamins and folic acid supplements daily.
  • ​Go for a dental checkup. As the blood flow fluctuates, this often causes the gums to bleed or swell.
  • Do light exercises like walking and you can also join a prenatal yoga class.
  • ​Every checkup, you should always be with your partner. This will help him understand your condition from the early stage up to the birth of the baby. Also, it forms a bond between the father and your baby.
  • You can go shopping for maternity clothes. As the baby bump start to show, you will need maternity clothes once your body begins to change. This will also help you relieve stress.

10 Weeks Of Pregnancy In Conclusion

It would be better if you avoid so much stress. If you are planning to move or do major house renovations, make it earlier rather than waiting until your due date approaches. Look for a better environment conducive for your baby and family. Make sure to record every detail you have had during your pregnancy,

You can also create a list or an album where you can keep the ultrasounds in every appointment. This way, you can also check and compare the developments that are happening to the baby. Observe yourself and record the changes that happen. As long as you take care of yourself, you can get through the stages of your pregnancy on your own.

Pregnancy at the tenth week will bring lesser risks of complications. It comes to a point that both you and your baby are safe from harm. This is the time when both of you experience various changes for the development and growth of the baby.

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