Your Guide in Assembling Duet Soothe Swing and Rocker

Your Guide in Assembling Duet Soothe Swing and Rocker

Deciding which baby swing is the best for your precious little one can be challenging since there are plenty of brands, types and variations of baby swing being offered in the market today. These selections are normally attractive with different features and options but after taking some time to evaluate such features, Graco’s Duet Soothe Swing with Rocker is one of the brands that parents preferred. Not only that it comes from the manufacturers of high quality baby gears, it also offers the function of swing and rocker that suits every baby’s needs.

Apparently our best moments of the day are those that we got to spend with our baby especially for first time parents. Graco’s baby swing allows us to enjoy the company of our babies and at the same time, gives us flexibility to attend to other household chores while keeping the baby close-by and comfy.

Setting-Up Your Swing and Rocker

Looking at the swing for the first time, it seems as if assembling it is pretty simple however, many still find it difficult to know which part should come first in terms of assembling. Fortunately there are no special tools required in putting up the pieces together.


Before you start, make sure that your Graco Swing and Rocker have all the parts required for its model. Check the box before you start. Call their customer service if there are missing parts.


Wrap the seat pad cover to the seat tubes and attach it as shown in figure 3. After that, fasten the screw on each sides of the seat.


Attach the seat pad to the bottom part of the seat frame and around the vibration unit. Fasten the seat tubes with screws by using Philips screwdriver. The flaps should be attached on the bottom of the seat pad.


Attach the hooks and elastic straps on both sides of seat. Make sure that tubes are properly inserted into brackets and the snaps are facing away the recline handle.


Pull seat pad webbing as shown in the picture.


Lay the unit facing down the surface to insert the leg tubes into its corresponding holes in leg bracket. Snap them into place. Plug the wires and insert the inside the tube.

Insert the motor housing tubes as well. Turn on the swing by rotating the speed dial clockwise. Lightly push the swing and observe its motion as it takes time for the swing to adjust to its setting. To turn off the swing, rotate its dial counter-clockwise until it is in “OFF” position.

How to Attach the Rocker Seat

  1. Insert the arm tubes of the rocker into handle and snap it into place. Pull the arm tubes of the rocker to make sure these are properly attached.
  2. Do the same procedure to the rocker arms and attached them to the sides of the rocker seat.
  3. Next, place the rocker to the swing mounts which are in both sides of the motor housing and click it into place.
  4. You can adjust the seat position by choosing one of the three positions on motor housing. for newborns and younger babies, choose the most reclined position while for older babies or active toddlers, choose the upright position.
  5. Squeeze the release button to use the product as a rocker.

More Reminders

  • The slide adjuster can be used to harness for shoulder and waist. When changing the harness slots, make sure that the straps are in the same slots in seat pad.
  • Do not twist the straps.
  • Before using the baby swing and rocker, make sure that the batteries are placed properly. The swing will not work if the batteries are not correctly placed.
  • Avoid mixing up different battery types or if put backwards. Also do not mix old and new batteries and standard or rechargeable types.
  • Immediately discard leaky batteries as these may cause personal injuries or burns. Dispose them accordingly.
  • If the product is not in use, remove the batteries to prevent it from leaking or damaging the product.
  • Always use the harness to prevent your baby from sliding out or falling. Adjust the belts after you fasten the buckles to get a snug fit around your baby.
  • Always check the swing for worn parts, loose screws, stitching and torn materials. Replace damaged parts but only get replacement from Graco.
  • Do not use bleach and strong detergents to clean the seat cover. Refer to the attached tag care for instructions.
  • You can use warm water and household soap in cleaning the frame.
  • Too much sun or heat exposure can also cause fading or warping of parts so avoid putting the product under direct sunlight.

Modifying any products especially baby gears are not recommended to prevent future injuries. You can use the product anywhere in the house as long as it is not near water and moisture. Avoid placing it near wet areas like swimming pool, shower, bathtub, wet basement, sink and wash basin. Protect the power cord as well and do not use it if it has been dropped, damaged or exposed to liquids. Keep the cord and the batteries out of the reach of children. Also do not use other cords in replacement to damage or loss cord.

The Graco Duet Soothe Swing and Rocker offers different features such as music, soothing sounds and 6 speed options you can use according to your baby’s needs and preference.  Aside from keeping your baby comfortable and entertained, the swing is also reliable in terms of security and safety. It has body support system and harness which is especially made for babies and active toddlers.

Always follow the manufacturer’s manual to fully enjoy Graco’s Duet Soothe Swing and Rocker without risking your precious baby. Check their website for more details and queries about your product. Enjoy every day and treasure the moments you can spend with them with this awesome swing and rocker in one!

Walter F.Hallett

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