Best Badass Baby Girl Names You Should Not Miss

There are no criteria required when choosing a name. But that doesn’t mean that you won’t give it some thought. If you are on the verge of deciding for a name, we might help you come up with a good one.

You may alter some spellings or change the way it should be pronounced. You may use variations of other names or create a better version. It doesn’t matter at all. And if you are you having a baby girl, take a look at our name suggestions that may sound good for her.

List Of Badass Names That You Should Give Your Baby Girl

Names are always available anywhere. You can name your baby girl after a flower, color, month, or a country. Yes, I know someone called Canada, May, and Lily. It’s pretty typical after all. I also heard of someone named ABCDE which is pronounced as ab-si-di.

Regardless of that, some parents still take so much effort picking out a great name for their child. You can even choose a name from the standard list. But if you are considering a badass name for your baby girl, here’s a list of the probable candidates:

1. Lilith

Lilith is a Hebrew name which means ghost, night monster, and storm goddess. According to the Jewish folklore, Lilith became a demon after Adam rejected her marriage proposal. This name is not familiar in religious communities. But it is known for strength and independence.

2. Lola

Lola means sorrow. When you hear the name Lola, a sly temptress who hates rules first comes to mind. This name has been used in Hollywood many times. Remember Bombshell’s Jean Harlow and the Blue Angel’s Marlene Dietrich?

3. Aella

Aella means whirlwind. In Greek mythology, Aella is a ferocious Amazon warrior. She fought with her double-edged sword, making her a prominent sword woman.

4. Aiden

Aiden means fire, fiery, or little. It is a familiar Irish name derived from the Celtic god of the sun, Aodh. The Turkish variation of Aiden is Aydin which means enlightened.

5. Blaze

Blaze is a variation of the Latin name Blaise. This name means fiery, hot, and ‘the one who stutters’. The secretary of Merlin the Magician in the Arthurian legend is actually named Blaise.

6. Aislin

Aisling is an Irish name that carries the meaning vision. It is pronounced Ash-lin. If your name is Aislin, it may mean you are inclined to leadership and independence. You are creative, goal-oriented, and sometimes aggressive.

7. Tequila

Are you fond of liquors? Well, this name may be a fun one. Tequila is a Spanish name of the liquor made from the agave plant. Just like the liquor, the name may unveil the real personality of the person bearing the name.

8. Maeve

Maeve, pronounced as Mave, is a Celtic name which means a mythical name. In Irish, this name means joy. Maeve was also a queen of Connaught. Maeve means you are an inspiration to other people and you have a strong spiritual belief.

9. Tempest

The name Tempest has various meanings. It may mean violent storm and calm. Tempest may also indicate temperate nature in England. You can give this name to girls who are naturally passionate but never runs out of reasons.

10. Darcy

Darcy is a Celtic name which means dark. In French, this name means ‘from Arcy’. It is derived from a surname during the Norman Conquest. If your name is Darcy, you value harmony and balance in your life.

11. Harlow

This English name carries the meaning ‘meadow of hares’. It is not actually referred to the cute, fluffy bunnies but instead the active and anti-social ones. Your name tells you that you should not be afraid to be yourself.

12. Adara

Adara is a Hebrew name which means fire. In Arabic, this name means virgin. The Greek meaning for this name is beautiful while it means ‘from the ford at the oak tree’ in Irish. Adara just means ‘catches birds’ in Welsh. People with this name are usually creative and imaginative.

13. Sadie

Try pronouncing this name; you can notice that it has a significant similarity to the hissing sound of snakes. Sadie brings out the impression of a cool girl that seemed to be hated by everyone.

14. Amelie

Amelie is a Teutonic name which means defender while it means hardworking, industrious, and striving in French. People with this name value love and companionship. You want everything to work out with peace and conformity.

15. Luna

The name Luna is not only powerful, but it also shines brightly just like the ethereal object it was called after. Luna only refers to the moon. It has also the ability to control the tides. Luna is the goddess of the Moon in Greek mythology.

16. Shabina

This name is an Arabic name which means ‘eye of the storm’. Technically speaking, the eye of the storm refers to the center of the cyclone, tropical storm, or hurricane. Well, it sounds a little disastrous yet cool, right?

17. Charis

Charis is actually a good name. It means dark and sexy. Though no one knows you too well, you are loved by everybody. You are friendly but you tend to keep secrets well. There’s a dark side of you but more on the sexy side.

18. Xandra

Xandra means defender of mankind. Who doesn’t want to defend the human race? Unless they are at the wrong stand, I wouldn’t mind. People with this name are often cute and funny at the same time. You love to mess around and behave naughtily.

19. Eliza

Eliza carries the typical prim and proper behavior of a girl. You tend to follow rules and show your timid side. However, you will go wild once you have your freedom. Beware; this name is a badass yet a current moniker.

20. Xyleena

Xyleena means ‘one who lives in the forest.’ It is an ideal name for articulate girls. People with this name are usually good with words. Sometimes, they are wordy and never gets tired speaking. Frequently, they are useful in expressing their emotions through writing.

21. Fleur

I am not sure how to pronounce the word but it sounds good once pronounced correctly. It may seem ‘floor’ or ‘fler.' Fleur is a beautiful orchid. Once given as a name, you may look pretty but you can actually be mean at times.

22. Ulrica

Ulrica is a Teutonic name which means ‘ruler of all’. Wow! This doesn’t literally mean your darling will be a badass queen. On a positive note, your child may grow up as a good and responsible leader in the future.

23. Freya

Freya is more than the definition of trouble but you are worth the while. Although you are enticingly beautiful, you also have a soft side. Freya may mean trouble but you also value love and relationship.

24. Quiyl

Quiyl means a bird. This is actually an uncommon name but you can consider it if you want something unique. People with this name are often carefree. You value freedom and you chase your dreams no matter what it takes.

25. Omisha

Omisha is a Hindi word that means ‘goddess of birth and death’. Although it is seldom used, Omisha is one of the unique names in the baby list. If you want to think out of the box, Omisha is also a good choice for a badass baby name.

26. Keira

Keira is an Irish name which means dusky or dark-haired. It also means ‘feminine of the Irish Gaelic Kieran’. People with this name values stability and love to the family and to the society. You often desire someone’s attention as you try to work out with other people.

27. Ivy

Ivy means gorgeous but just like the poisonous ivy, you may also be dangerous. You tend to fight back once you are hurt especially when your loved ones are in danger. Though, you have a soft side that makes everyone want you.

28. Naomi

Naomi is a Hebrew name that means pleasantness. You are actually sweet and beautiful. Your beauty makes every guy fall head over heels for you. Guys are obsessed not just with your physical appearance but also in your personality. You tend to be caring and loving.

29. Jessa

Jessa carries the meaning beholding God and wealthy. With this meaning, I bet you want your child to be acknowledged with it. You may not be wealthy in finances but you are rich in love, care, and kindness.

30. Winter

Winter is one of the seasons. It is always associated with ice and coldness. Winter is an ice queen. You tend to think that most guys are under you. Oftentimes, you use men to get what you want.

31. Wallis

Wallis means independent and aloof. You can only count your friends on your fingers. Nevertheless, you are a loyal friend especially to those who are faithful to you. You value real friendship and relationship.

31. Sahara

You have high standards when it comes to certain things. You set your own criteria and strict in choosing things. But regardless of that, you tend to make a way in order to achieve something without the help of someone.

32. Ida

People with this name value justice and truth. You are humanitarian, fair, and reliable. You tend to fight for what is right and take risks to defend the truth. Ida is also a strong name that cares about the welfare of the people around.

33. Raven

In movies, Raven has become a really common name, especially to badass superheroes. Raven is also known to be a good fighter of justice. Although you are a robust and badass woman, you also have a fresh and daring side.

34. Rebel

Rebel means ‘a person who resists control’. You have your own way of solving things and you tend to do things according to your rules. However, rebel also means ‘a person who rises against the masses’.

35. Harper

Harper says cheekily. You are a cute girl with a cold personality. However, you tend to always play a prank to other people. You enjoy teasing the people around you and you make it a habit of laughing at the result of what you did.

What Does Badass Mean?

Well, it actually means mean-tempered and touchy. However, you want to define it, using a badass name also has its cold side. In school, there are times when teachers ask for the reason behind student’s names. So, when that happens, imagine your child saying it was a badass name with a fresh meaning.

How cool is that? I do not know. As long as your child knows how to enliven the purpose of the name or the reason why you have named her that, you won’t have a problem dealing with it. If boys have strong and stable names, why would girls be restricted to the cheeky and sweet names?

Why do you need to choose a badass name? Badass here doesn’t mean that she will grow up to be a person who will be difficult to deal. In fact, it figures that it may have a positive inclination to her. These names may or may not reflect her future; it also depends on the upbringing.

Using a Badass Name

Your name calls you, and you should live with it. Since there are times that your child will hate the names you give them, you have nine months to brainstorm. Using badass names aren’t that bad either. It just depends on the person who is called by that name.

Badass names are not the issue here. If your child chose to outlive the negative meaning of it, you could not blame the name you have given her. Instead, you show her the affectionate she needs from a mother to a child. Why do you need a name anyway? It’s not for you to show off that you have the greatest name ever made. But it’s for you to be easily identified.

Using a badass name is not different from having a common name or those names with sweet meanings. There’s also no difference from names that are formulated without meaning. It’s just that yours is a bit strange yet cool.

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I am Kelley, I have a smart and lovely daughter. After many years taking care of her, I want to share experiences with you in nurturing as well as advice about health for pregnant women.

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