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Best Baby Swing 2017 Reviews – Ultimate Buying Guide to buy Baby Swings

Nothing in the world holds more strength than the cheerful laughter of an innocent baby. At the same point, nothing in the world holds more power to instantly melt down your heart than your baby’s tearful eyes and its cry!

To treasure those precious moments of laughter and to minimize those painful moments of crying, besides your love & care, you need to accessorize your parenthood with numerous things. One such accessory that helps in the betterment of your early parenthood is the Baby Swing.

Buying or using just any other baby swing for your precious bundle of joy is not very appreciable! Being a parent, when you understand that anything and everything you do for your child should be nothing less than the Best, than why to settle down with any random choice of a baby swing?

Buying the Baby Swing is not as easy as it seems. The market is flooded with the large variety of choices, you get across thousands of Baby Swing Reviews online and offline daily, yet it is not at all an easy task to choose the Best Baby Swing for your baby.

This Buying Guide to Baby Swing shall help you to find answers to all your doubts, confusions and questions that wander your brain when you think about what is the Best Baby Swing for your precious child.

Top 5 Best Baby Swings on The Market

Next, I will give more details of this 5 products ...

Reviews of 5 Best Baby Swings

The market is full of all kinds of options. As a parent, you need to choose the baby swing that suits best to your child and you.

Following is the list of few of the Baby Swings with high quanlity you can choose from. You are recommended to go through the critical reviews of each baby swing mentioned herein, before making the final purchase.

Based upon the criteria of your choice, this buying guide has categorized the Baby Swings on the basis of their prices so that you may easily go through the list that falls easy on your pocket.


  • Fisher Price smart swing technology.
  • Soothing 6-speed swing options to choose from
  • Easily convertible to a stationary calming vibrations baby seat.
  • 10 tunes and soothing natural sounds to choose as per baby mood.
  • 2 birdie toys overhead to keep the baby engaged.


  • Both swing and vibrations seat.
  • Equally usable for new-born and other few months baby.
  • Variety of features to keep the baby attracted.


  • Consumes a lot of battery if vibration and swing is used simultaneously
  • Totally battery run, no source plug option.
  • Heavy weight.

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  • It has fisher price smart swing technology.
  • 2 swinging options to soothe baby: side to side and to and fro motion.
  • 6 swing speeds ,16 songs, soothing natural sounds.


  • Machine washable seat
  • Beautiful bunny head support.
  • Light weight.
  • Source plug option


  • Lacks in perfect balance.
  • Fragile so can wear and tear in some time.

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  • 5 unique motions (car ride, kangaroo, tree swing, rock a bye,ocean)
  • 5 different speeds.
  • 5 sounds and MP3 compatible
  • Adjustable seat recline
  • Removable toy balls


  • Removable and washable seat.
  • Highly embedded with many features
  • Very high quality.


  • Very heavy weight.
  • Consumes high power

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  • 4 different rock and glide motions that can soothe the baby
  • Both side to side and to and fro motion
  • 3 gliding speed.
  • Calming vibrations
  • 12 tunes and 3 soothing natural sound effects


  • Very gentle motion
  • Variety of motions, speed and music
  • Can be used for infants up to age of 1 year.


  • Heavy weight.
  • costly

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  • Removable swing seat.
  • 3 seating positions to choose from.
  • Rocker carry handle
  • 2 vibration speeds


  • Both plug and battery option
  • High quality material
  •  Highly embedded with many features


  • Very heavy weight.
  • Not easily washable

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Benefits of using The Best Baby Swing

Being a parent of an infant or young toddler, no one else can better understand the need of accessories for your child that soothe it, calm it down, keep it attracted to something so that it does not gets irritated over its surroundings, the best environment and aura needed to put the baby to calmness and long sleep.

The baby swing is something which can, at one point or the other, can cater to all such needs of your baby.

Why is baby swing a must have? Simple! Because it has so many benefits! The Best Baby Swing is beneficial:

1. For You And Your Baby’s Calm Sleep Times

Sleep is the charging mode for a human body. Until we get a sound and calm sleep, the lack would reflect on our health.The babies have quite strange and ever changing sleeping patterns which makes it difficult for the parents to make sure that their child is getting good sleep.

A baby needs a very specific environment to fall to a long and deep sleep. There are babies which would wink open their eyes as soon as you try to make them lie down on the bed from your lap while they are asleep. This happens because of the uncomfortable sleeping environment a child gets on the bed.

To make sure that your child sleeps comfortably and soundly, you need to make sure that the environmental factors are suitable and subtle and comfortable.A baby swing is the perfect place to put your baby to sleep. Babies love to sleep in the swiftly moving objects. The subtle motion makes them fall into sleep.

Therefore a baby swing benefits you by providing you the best place to make your baby fall asleep without being cranky.You will find time to sleep when you are asleep. So, a good baby swing is not only beneficial for your child’s sleep but is equally helpful for your sound sleep routine.

With baby in a baby swing, you can sleep less tensed because you do not need to spend to much time calming down your baby and you are sure that your baby is safe and secure in the swing.

2. For Your Baby’s Cheerful Playtimes:

A baby swing eventually becomes your child’s best place to play in. the bright colors, the peculiar motions of the beautiful thematic toys on it, the TO-FRO and SIDE-SIDE motions, the musical lullabies keeps your baby attracted towards its swing. The baby remains engaged, happy and joyful in such environment.

Thus a baby swing makes your baby more cheerful and playful in nature rather than being the cranky child who keeps on longing for your lap.​

3. For Your Baby’s Safety

A baby swing is a safe and steady place to keep your baby in. if your leave your baby on bed, there shall always be chances of the baby falling off the bed. Lying very small babies on the carpeted floors or sofas is never recommended for the fur and dust allergy reasons.

Therefore a baby swing is a place which keeps your baby safe whether it is asleep or awake. The steady balance, the safety handle, the net canopy etc add to the safety factor a baby swing,.

​4. For Your Baby’s Learning Ability

The thematic lullabies and motions and the colorful design patterns of the baby swing helps in aiding the mental growth of the child. The child learns its sight, sound and locomotive motions.

5. For Your Baby’s Cranky Times

A baby upset of any random reason can throw off very tough times on its parents by its non-stop crying. The slightly ill or upset baby is most difficult to handle.​

A baby swing becomes more beneficial in such situations as it can easily distract a baby with its colorful designs and playful motions. The varying speeds of the swing and versatile range off lullabies are the most loved parts of the baby swing for these reasons.​

6. For Your Baby’s Company

When you are working at home and you cannot find time to play with or to keep your baby engaged with your baby talks, the baby swing is something you can upon. While preparing your babies meals, or while preparing its bath, or while you are having meals or taking baths, your baby needs something where it do not feel lonely.

A baby swing gives best company to your child in any kind of mood and keeps you relaxed whenever situation demands that you need to leave your child unattended for a while​

7. For Your Time Management

It is very difficult to nurse and take care of a baby and to attend the least minimum chores along with it. Waiting for your baby to sleep so that you can rush and d all your vital chores leaves you both worried for your child and inefficient at your tasks at hand.

A baby swing shares your part of parenthood and care-taker and thus giving you slightly more self-time. thus a good baby swing is quite beneficial for you to save your time and manage it efficiently.​

7. For Your Less-Exhaustive Routines

Even if you do not have any extra chores or tasks at home, then too baby-sitting and baby nursing itself can leave you hugely exhausted.​

Giving yourself a little mental and physical rest by taking small breaks for your baby-routine not only benefits your health but also gives change and variety to your child.Thus a good baby swing is the best alternative to your arms or lap for your child which can allow you to take less worried breaks and time outs from your tiring baby-sitting regime.​

8. For Your Cranky Times

After all, it is you who gave birth to your cranky child! So you can be yet crankier at some points of time. Sometimes you might feel like running off from your parenthood routines.Moreover, being down with seasonal viral or flues, you would not like to be with your baby always to make it catch your illness.The baby swing becomes beneficial friend in such hours of need.​

Which Baby Swing is the Best Baby Swing for you?

Full Size Baby Swing​


  • It can be used for longer time
  • It has more variety of features embedded in it
  • It is a complete package of baby engagement activities as well as sleep routines.


  • It is heavy weightIt is bigger in size and not easily foldable to carry to places
  • It is expensive.

Baby Glider


  • It is small in size and light in weight
  • It is easily foldable and thus can be carried along to anywhere
  • It is not very expensive.


  • It can be used only to a certain age of the child
  • It has only the gliding features
  • .Few makes of bay gliders lack the adequate balance capability.

The Step by step “Best Baby Swing Buying Guide”

Step 1

Understand yourself and your baby.You need to focus on the age, gender, health, mood and specific needs of your child before short listing any options of the baby swings for it.You should also list your requirements and expectations from the baby swing and then narrow down your options only to those baby swings which fulfill this criterion.

Step 2

Explore the various options of designs, types, colors, features etc. Do not choose or buy just anything that you come across. The market is full of wide variety of options so spend time to explore the whole range to make more accurate buy.

Step 3

Compare your shortlisted options. Go for feature to feature comparison. This would help you to find out which of the options is more worth of its value and can end up being more useful and beneficial for your child.

Step 4

After further narrowing down, read the baby swing reviews. They are the direct end-user feedbacks. This helps you to prevent yourself falling into the false promises marketed by the various manufacturers or the brands of the baby swings.This step is highly crucial to make a much learnt buying decision.

Step 5

After reading the reviews, you will be left with the 2-3 options to choose from.Read the full instructions and user manuals of these options. Try to understand the product. Check for the guarantees, warranties, discounts, raw material quality standards, safety guidelines.Compare your options on the basis of these parameters.

Step 6

In the end, compare the 2-3 final options that fit to all other criteria. Compare them on the basis of their price, durability and worth.

Step 7

Before making the final buy, make sure about the parts, any risks involved, the safety and attention guidelines etc, to save money you can buy a big discount on the occasion as Black Friday, Christmas, …

Keeping Attention While Using Baby Swing

A baby swing seems to have countless benefits but even the best things have few shortfalls.Following points need to be kept in your mind while using baby swing for your baby:Never leave your baby unattended in any cradle for a long time.

Do not use this cradle for the babies older than 8 months.Always plug in a safe Power Source.Beware of pets when your baby is in cradle.Do not leave the baby in a cradle for most of the time. Your baby needs your human touch despite of the any degree of comfort in a cradle.

Frequently Asked Questions

Aren’t all baby swings just the same?

Are all the reviews genuine?

Is there any option available for foldable baby swing?

What is the most important feature I must look for before buying the baby swing?


Being informed before actually making the actual buying decision is the most important aspect. Therefore choose the Best Baby Swing in the market and also suits your child’s needs in the best way.I hope some type baby swing then will help to you. You can read more information about best infant swing, fisher-price baby swing and graco baby swing