Black Friday 2016: Reviewing the Baby Swings

     So many baby swings, but got so little time to review each of them? That is why we come up with our version of the baby swing reviews on black Friday 2016! You know a great swing can make a huge difference for the whole family and especially, for your little one.

     More than just a baby gear, a swing can work wonders. It helps minimize those painful and exhausting moments when baby gets grumpy, uncomfortable or not feeling well. To help you choose which among these baby swings fit you and your baby’s needs, we put 10 popular swings to a review.


     The market is already flooded with a wide selection of baby swings, thus we know it’s not an easy task to pick one. With our baby swing reviews on black Friday 2016, we compiled ten of what we believe the best swings today.

     This guide will try to answer all your queries and doubts before making a wise decision.

     First on the list is Fisher Price’s Snugapuppy cradle and swing. It offers two swinging motions that are sure to soothe and calm your baby. You can choose the traditional head-to-toe swinging motion or go for the side-to-side cradle. It also comes with the following features.

  • With a built-in 16 songs and nature sounds that lulls baby to sleep.
  • Has six swing speeds that you can adjust according to baby’s mood.
  • With three seat positions such as center, right-facing and left-facing and has two-position recline that can be adjusted at a push of a button.
  • Comes with body insert for that added support.
  • Keeps baby entertained with its motorized mobile attached to stuff animals and mirrored globe.

Users found this swing very easy to operate as all the parts were clearly packaged. Likewise, you are sure that the baby is safe and sound as it also features a five-point harness system.

     This baby swing will go a long way as it can hold your baby until he or she is 40 pounds! From being a newborn to a toddler, your baby is sure to enjoy the features of this portable rocker from Fisher Price.

  • From an infant rocker, you can easily convert this to an infant seat to a toddler rocker! With its built-in handle, you can bring it with you anywhere you want
  • Just detach the toy bar and extend the newborn seat to turn it into a stationary seat.
  • It's three-point harness system can keep baby in place.
  • It has an adjustable seat back, 3-seat recline position, removable and machine washable seat pad and fold-out kickstand.
  • Easy to fold and store.
  • It's three-point harness system can keep baby in place.

We like the colors use as it mach the cute toy characters and the delightful music that are sure to enhance baby’s senses.

Whether it is play time or rest, this Newborn-to-Toddler Portable Rocker is sure to accompany you and baby.

3. Graco Simple Sway Baby Swing, Abbington

     Graco also comes into mind when we are thinking about baby products and gears. The Simple. Baby Swing made it to our list of the baby swing reviews on black Friday 2016 because of its positive ratings and reviews

  • With its compact profile, it can sure fit in small spaces or apartments. 
  • It comes with a durable frame, a comfortable plush seat with padding and removable head support.
  • With a built-in 15 songs, including nature sounds.
  • What we love about this swing is its weight limit of 30 pounds. The usual weight limit for swings is only 25 pounds.
  • It comes with six swinging speeds and vibration that helps baby to relax and sleep.
  • Although the Simple Sway swing is compact in size, it still has a roomy seat to accommodate your growing baby.

We like the colors use as it mach the cute toy characters and the delightful music that are sure to enhance baby’s senses.

Whether it is play time or rest, this Newborn-to-Toddler Portable Rocker is sure to accompany you and baby.

     We love the simplicity of Graco’s Lite Baby swing Finch. It suits both girls and boys. The swing is also lightweight and portable that you can carry it anywhere in the house or when baby goes to the grannies’ place.

  • Its gentle, gliding swing motion is sure to calm colicky and grumpy babies.
  • It also has a roomy seat with a detachable head support ideal for newborns.
  • You can choose from its six gliding speed to suit baby’s mood.
  • Comes with 10 classic melodies to hush your baby to sleep and 5 nature sounds to delight him.
  • Its two vibration speed option also helps in relaxing your baby.
  • Adjustable toy bar for baby’s easy access.

Portable, lightweight yet sturdy, this swing is ideal for every family. Likewise, it has a 5-point harness system so you will be at peace knowing that your baby is comfortable and safe when using the swing.

We also love the fact that this one is very easy to assemble according to parents’ reviews. However, some user says the glider requires time to reach its full momentum as the baby gets heavier. 

     We all love a product that has a dual purpose. We save space and money of course! The Rock n’ Play sleeper can serve as an inclined sleeper at night and a playtime seat during the day.

  • Comes with clacker toys to entertain your little one and has a built-in music as well; 12 songs and 3 sound effects.
  • With an extra-deep seat so baby will feel comfortable and secure.
  • It also has an insert pad to add support to baby’s wobbly head.
  • Lightweight and portable, you can bring this rocker and sleeper anywhere with you and baby.
  • We can ensure comfort as it has breathable mesh that is also easy to wash and dry.

This swing is pretty impressive as well as it not only aims to entertain your little one, it also helps in strengthening your baby’s auditory and sensory skills.

     This modern-looking baby swing from Graco is also part of our baby swing on black Friday 2016!

     You can use it as a baby glider or a portable bouncer so you are saving space and money without sacrificing baby’s needs.

  • This lightweight multitasker is built with a sturdy frame that can hold a baby up to 25 pounds.
  • It also features a gliding motion, two vibration speeds and an ingenious bouncing seat!
  • It has a carry-handle that allows you to bring it almost anywhere or to easily move it around the house to keep baby close-by.
  • We can say that this swing is ideal for newborn as it also has a detachable plush body support to accommodate your baby.
  • It comes with six gliding speed and three recline positions with a shielding canopy.
  • It also has 5 nature sounds and 10 classic tunes with adjustable volume control.

This swing is pretty impressive as well as it not only aims to entertain your little one, it also helps in strengthening your baby’s auditory and sensory skills.

      Another papsan-style cradle n’ swing from Fisher, the Rainforest Friends Deluxe is another favourite. The features are customizable as well, allowing you to adjust it according to baby’s needs.

  • It has a plug-in option so no need to spend huge on batteries.
  • Its deep seat will ensure that the baby is comfortable and safe.
  • Stylish and compact, you can have this cradle n’ swing anywhere with you and baby.
  • You can choose the usual head-to-toe swing or the side-by-side cradle depends on baby’s mood.
  • It is also flexible as you can choose baby’s seating position; upright or recline. You can go to left-facing, right-facing or center position as well.
  • Its also has six swinging speed from high to low, 16 different tunes, rainforest sound and a motorized mobile to entertain your baby during the day.

The accessories such as mirrored globe and linkable toys also help in stimulating your young one’s senses and skills. Likewise, parents who are currently using this swing are amazed that the swing actually senses the baby’s weight so it won’t slow down as he or she gets heavier.

      How about getting your baby a baby swing that looks “futuristic”! This cool-looking swing moves like mama does.

  • The seat bounces up and down so baby will definitely enjoy the “ride”.
  • It also swings from side to side as if lulling the baby to sleep.
  • What makes the mamaRoo infant baby swing stand out among other swings in our baby swing on black Friday 2016 is that is has 5 unique motions.
  • It has tree-swing motion, car ride, wave, rock-a-bye and kangaroo. You can choose from this motion and let baby enjoy.
  • Aside from its built-in sounds which, most baby swings have, you can also connect your MP3 device or a smartphone and play your own music.
  • The seat can also recline in two positions.

     When we say futuristic, it is because this mamaRoo infant swing employs technology such as it Bluetooth feature, which enables users to control the speed, sound and motion of the infant swing using their smart device.

      This Butterfly Garden swing from Fisher Price is a must have for princesses. If you want to achieve that fairy-like or nature-touched ambiance for baby, this swing is recommended for you. Not only that it is charming in design, it also features the following;

  • Comes with two swinging motions and customizable seat positions.
  • We also like that you can switch the light on or off or play its overhead dome so baby can see the butterflies it projects.
  • The swing also has two sound effects and two music options. Entertain your baby with its eight daytime songs and soothe him at night with its eight nighttime songs.
  • It has six swinging speeds that go from swing mode to cradle mode. Also comes with an AC adaptor.

     You have the option to use the mobile alone or combine it with music that suits the moment for you and baby. The frame is durable and easy to store as you just can snap and fold it.

     The only downside (if that is what you will call it) is that it only features a 3-point harness system compared to the first two swings that have 5-point harness system.

     Another candidate for the space saver award is Graco’s Glider LX. It sure fits small spaces like apartments

  • It comes with a timer mode so you can set the gliding motion until you are sure that baby is asleep or as you need it.
  • It also has two vibration speed options and six gliding speed so you can choose just the right pace to soothe your young one.
  • We like that is has a roomy swing seat and plush body support for keeping your baby safe and comfy.
  • With an adjustable toy bar for baby’s easy reach.
  • It can accommodate your baby until he or she reaches 30 pounds.

     Like other product from Graco, it features a 5-point harness system for baby’s protection and safety while using the swing. With all its features, you are sure to meet your specific wants and needs in a baby swing.

Attention: Using Your Chosen Baby Swing on Black Friday 2016

     Whether you choose to be modern or traditional with your baby swing, remember that adult supervision is still highly advised. After choosing which among our list of the baby swing Reviews on black Friday 2016 suits you and your baby, keep these reminders in mind:

  1. Swinging aims to soothe every baby. Use the swing to recreate the rocking motion that babies love while they are still in the womb. 
  2. While the swing is a relaxing place for babies, allowing him or her to sleep in the swing should be limited. According to Pediatric Sleep Consultant Amy Lage from Well Rested Baby, motion sleep hinders your baby to have a restorative sleep. Your baby should be in a stationary location when sleeping.
  3. Overstimulation is also bad for your little one. Avoid a baby swing that features bright lights or too many toys. The simpler, the better.

     You can read detailed instructions to choose the best one at the "Ultimate Guide to Buying Baby Swings buy"


     Swinging is, indeed a great way to calm and soothe your baby, however this should not always be the way out. Spend more time with your baby and restrict the use of any baby gear. Now that you have an idea with the right baby swing to buy, do not forget to check for safety recommendations.

     Check for the AAP’s safety regulations for each item on our list of the baby swing Reviews on black Friday 2016. Happy shopping!

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