Every Parent’s Guide in Setting-Up the Pack N Play Yard

As a parent we all love our babies to feel comfortable, at ease and safe however, we also need to attend to other important stuff such as household chores or taking care of the other siblings. Thus we all need an awesome baby product that is multifunction and can help us achieve our desires for our precious little one. Good thing manufacturers of baby products are with us in these challenging times hence, they developed baby gears that are indeed lifesavers and spacesaver.

A portable play yard is great but what more if it can function as a playpen for younger babies, a changing table and a crib for newborn? This combination is an ingenious feature of the Pack ‘N Play Yard offered by a trusted baby products manufacturer which parents like you would adore. Aside from the napper/changer and bassinet features of this product, it also has play pen function with mobile animals that babies and toddlers will love.

This remarkable piece of baby furniture for you and your baby is indeed a star of the nursery and your home. New parents love this pack ‘n play yard as it offers them convenience and variety of features from a napper, to a changer to a crib that is safe and comfortable for your baby to spend her nights and days.

How To Assemble

And like other baby furniture and gears, first time parents or adults may find the assembling part a bit challenging and confusing. Here is a guide to help you get started in putting-up the pack “n play yard yourself. Before you start, follow these instructions first;

  • Always follow the instructions or product manual included in the play yard package.
  • Check for the parts of the product before assembling it. If there are loose fasteners, missing screws, damaged joints, torn mesh or broken parts, do not use the product. Immediately call the customer service hotline of the manufacturer also included in the package.
  • Do not use replacements or substitutes for the missing parts.
  • Do not add other attachments such as add-on bassinets or modify the play yard.

The Procedure

Pack N Play yard guide

First disconnect the straps which hold the mattress from the play yard and remove the mattress. Pull up the side rails until all sides are lock but do not push the center yet. Make sure that the rails are all lock before you lower the center.

Pack N Play yard guide 01

To securely lock into place, hold one end of the unit up while pushing the center down.

Use the mattress side up. Pull the loop tabs and hooks under the mattress through the slotted holes then attach it to hook and loop patch on the bottom of playard.

Pack N Play yard guide 02

Now pull the 4-snap straps on the corners of the mattress through the bottom. Secure it by wrapping it around the tube and fastening the snaps onto it. Repeat the process in all corners. Tuck the corners of the mattress under corner stiffeners.

To use as a bassinet, remove the mattress from the playard so you can use it inside the bassinet. Press down the bassinet clips from left to right and make sure that all eight clips are fastened accordingly.

 Pack N Play yard guide 03

The set of bars should be tapered into end of one another with hole in it. The tube should be assembled before you place the mattress in bassinet.

Pack N Play yard guide 04

Make sure that the hook and loop patches of the bassinet are attached on the matching hook and loop patches of the mattress.

 For napper mode

  • Adult supervision is required when using the napper/changer feature. Make sure the napper is properly attached to the bassinet. When the child starts to wiggle out of the position or his head can touch the upper edge of the playard or if he reaches 3 months of age discontinue use of napper to prevent falls.
  • Do not put extra pillows, other objects and padding to avoid suffocation.
  • Never use napper in other similar product.
  • Do not place your baby face down in napper and to prevent SIDS, it is advisable for babies to put on their backs to sleep.
  • Use the napper one child at a time.

Pack N Play yard guide 05


Pack N Play yard guide 06

Press the button housing and pull it up to unlock and rotate it until the tube opening is now on the bottom. Press it down to lock in place.

Pack N Play yard guide 07

After that, insert the end of the long tube into the button as shown. It should be placing when snapped as shown below.

Pack N Play yard guide 08

Insert the button housing tube inside the napper while it faces up.

Pack N Play yard guide 09

Pull up the flap with the 2 straps under the napper then insert the tube as shown. Secure the tubes on both ends then attach the napper/changer to the bassinet but make sure to attach it opposite the wheels.

Pack N Play yard guide 10

Snap the tabs on both sides of the napper in place until it clicks.

Pack N Play yard guide 11

To remove the napper, unlock and rotate the changer side, press button on housing and pull up to release.

Push down the inside of the changer and secure the changer in place. Pull up the bassinet clip to remove it from the playard.

Pack N Play yard guide 12

Press button and housing and pull up the napper to release. Now we have assembled Pack N Play Yard complete.

Safety Precautions

  • When used for playing, do not leave your child inside the playard unattended and always keep her in view. You also need to provide supervision when used for sleeping to ensure your baby’s safety.
  • Keep the playard away from hazards that can injure your child.
  • Remove large toys and other materials that could serve as steps to climb out when your baby is able to pull to stand on her own.
  • Stop using the product when your baby reached the necessary age as per product manufacturer.
  • Unlike traditional cribs that are sturdy and have rigid sides, playards usually have flexible sides and the mattress included in the product is specifically designed to avoid suffocation. Do not add pillows or soft pads to avoid suffocation.

Surely, playards are one kind of baby furniture especially if it can serve you and your baby in multiple ways. Just follow the instructions mentioned above to keep your baby safe and comfortable. Also you can consider other more about other baby furniture by click here

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