Fisher – Price 4 – in 1 Rock’n Glider Soother

Fisher-Price 4-in-1 Rock 'n Glide Soother
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This glider and rocker can swing your baby to the moon and back. Keep your baby jolly while learning

Not just one, not just two but Fisher – Price 4 – in 1 Rock’n Glider Soother offers four rock and glide motion in 1 baby gear! Now you can help your baby soothe to sleep with a gentle glide or rock or calm her with side-to-side or heat-to-toe cradle. Another awesome product from the Fisher, the makers of baby gears designed according to babies and parents’ needs.

Most babies would love to fall asleep while you’re rocking them however, these growing babies are getting bigger each day that our arms seem to fall off! But thanks to this awesome baby gear, babies will be surely comfortable and nap time would be much easier for the both of you. Another top-of-the-line product compare to other products available in the market.

The Oh So Good Features of Fisher – Price 4 – in 1 Rock’n Glider Soother

Fisher Price 4 in 1 is especially designed to mimic the comfort and soothing motion of traditional cradles that babies love. It is the perfect baby gear with head-to-toe, side-to-side, rock and glide motion to choose from.


Very easy to use and install, the product also features removable toy bar with turtle toy and plush toys. Also it has soft padded seat which rotate 360 degrees you can easily check and see your baby. Plus it comes with 12 tunes and 3 nature sounds just right to keep your baby entertained or to get her to sleep.


From a glider to a rocker, this baby gear has a convenient foot pedal system which allows you to easily maneuver from a cozy-cradle rocket to a powered glider. It also has an optional calming vibrations powered by battery. You can also remove its newborn head and body support so it grows with you baby.

Benefits of customer when using this product

So why parents and babies love the Fisher Price 4 in 1? Let me tell you the reasons!

  • Truly a space saver, this baby gear can be used from newborn, to infant, to a toddler! it has removable newborn body and head support and can be easily reclined according to your baby’s needs- from napping to playing. Perfect for those space constraints as it didn’t’ take too much space like that of regular swing.
  • The on and off button is large enough that you can press it using your foot without kneeling or getting on the floor.
  • This product has removable toy bar with dangling plush toys which encourage baby to reach and stretch.
  • It works smoothly and you can make sure that your baby is safe and secured on it.
  • The 12 tunes and nature sounds are effective in stimulating your baby’s senses while keeping her entertained for hours.
  • Being cost-effective, Fisher Price 4  in 1 is a portable rocker that is ideal for playing, feeding and sleeping. Just remove the glider base and you can easily carry it from place-to-place.
  • It is basically plug and play so you don’t have to worry that the battery runs out even before baby gets to sleep.
  • The seat or cover is easy to remove and holds its shape even after multiple wash.
  • Babies can sometimes be fussy so a comfortable seat is necessary to them. Help them easily snooze away with this baby gear.

Pros and Cons of this Product

Below are other reasons why you will going to love Fisher – Price 4 – in 1 Rock’n Glider Soother more.


  • An excellent product design, the soothing motion of this rocker and glider is a great update from old fashion gliders that has various flaws like being too heavy or no plug included.
  • It comes with an a/c plug so you will save on batteries and can be used anytime you want.
  • When place on the floor, it is about the size of a sitting adult in a regular sized chair so it is easy for you to rock it while attending other chores.
  • Indeed it is a perfect baby product that you can use for the longest time and even if your baby outgrows it, you can still give it as a hand-me-down gear to friends and relatives.


The only thing that could be a disadvantage for you is that it is a bit bulky if you are transporting it by car but of course, you can find other ways to bring it with you anywhere

Things to do when using this Product

  • It Motor issues may arise if you are not regularly checking it thus, maintenance is highly recommended for any other product to last longer.
  • The vibrating seat feature requires D-cell battery so make sure to have them so your baby will enjoy it more.
  • Wash the seat and cover regularly to especially if spilled with milk or your baby has diaper leak.
  • The music can be a bit loud if you are in a really quiet place so make sure to adjust it accordingly.


As parents, we are all rooting for that baby gear which can provide us savings, functionality, safety, peace of mind and comfort. Likewise our babies needs matter to us. Thus giving them the Fisher – Price 4 – in 1 Rock’n Glider Soother, which is like them a reward while keeping you sane at the same time.

Forget those sleepless nights and mood swings! This glider and rocker can swing your baby to the moon and back. Keep your baby jolly while learning. Now you have more time to do personal tasks and household chores without worrying as the soother is a good choice for busy moms and dad.

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