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Graco DuetConnect LX Swing + Bouncer
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Good quality, value for money and our baby’s safety and happiness matter to us. At the same time, parents also love to take those mid-day naps and sound sleep.

Graco Swing And Bouncer is Just the Perfect Gear for your Precious One

The Graco Swing And Bouncer is a terrific product for parents and their babies. Parents always love baby gears and products that has multifunction. If you are looking for a baby bouncer and a swing, the Duet Connect LX Swing + Bouncer, from Graco is a must-have!

We know that the best part of your day is when you get to spend it with your baby thus, this forthright baby swing chair will give you that extra help and flexibility while spending the day with your little one. A worldwide known brand, Graco only offers nothing but innovative and top-quality baby gears that are inspired by babies and parents’ needs. With its nice sounds, smooth motor, adjustable swinging speed and safety harness, everyone would just love the Graco’s DuetConnect LX Swing + Bouncer.

Awesome Features

Babies love bouncers and swings so why not give them a 2-in1 baby gear? Here are more reasons why you will love Graco’s DuetConnect LX Swing + Bouncer to bits:

The baby swing can double to a bouncer and features an overhead toy bar, six swing speed, two-speed vibration that you can easily adjust while sporting that Manor fashion. The gentle vibration helps soothe babies to relax and sleep.


It also plays classical songs and nature sounds which your baby will surely enjoy during the day and love to get them to sleep. Plus, this gear has a roomy seat allowing you to recline it and find the best position to keep your baby comfortable. Its removable head support also keeps your little one cozy.


You can decide how you wanted  to power up the DuetConnect. You can use batteries especially outdoors or if you don’t have access to a convenient power source. At home, you can simply connect it to a power outlet to save on batteries.

Awesome Benefits of Graco Swing And Bouncer

  • Babies can be moody and colicky, thus a relaxing swinging chair is a great gear with an adjustable swinging speed to find the right pace to delight your baby.
  • As parents, we all love to see our little bundle of joy discovering new things that will surprise them. Graco Duet Connect LX Swing + Bouncer includes 10 different melodies and fun 5 nature sounds that will make them play and giggle all the time.
  • According to experts play is one of the most important part of a baby’s development. They can reach for the cute toys hanging overhead them for their viewing pleasure.
  • Safety is another must for us parents and this Graco’s DuetConnect LX Swing and Bouncer knows how to calm our parents’ instinct because of its locked position and 5-point harness features. You can assure yourself that your baby is safe and secure while playing or sleeping using this baby gear.
  • As it is gender neutral and color neutral, you can use it for a baby boy or girl or as a hand-me-down to your next baby.
  • The whole item is sturdy enough that you can let your baby rest and enjoy the Graco Duet Connect LX Swing + Bouncer while you are cleaning the living room, picking up the phone or making small errands.

  • Now you can bring your baby with you anywhere in the house if no one will look after her. We know the feeling of leaving your precious one in the living room when you have to do something in the kitchen. Let the Graco’s Duet Connect LX Swing + Bouncer help you with this!
  • Some babies do not like sleeping in cribs or bassinet as these are not moving. Parents who already own this product swear to it as a lifesaver. Keeping them and their babies happy and comfortable.

Pros and Cons of this product.


  • One can be amazed on how many stuff s you will need for your growing baby thus, having a Graco DuetConnect LX Swing + Bouncer means you have one less thing to buy for your baby and to occupy your space at home.
  • The product is fairly easy to set-up yourself. The entire process including reading the manual will only take you at least 20 minutes or less! And because it is very versatile your baby will have a great place to rest, play and sleep anywhere in the house.
  • You can easily disconnect the seat to the swing base to act as a bouncer and put back the straps so it will serve as a swing. You can also set it to a more upright position so your baby will have a more comfortable position while sleeping, playing or feeding.


The motor has a clanking sound that might distract your baby but the nature sounds and 15 gentle melodies will surely balance your baby’s mood and will easily fall asleep.

Attention when using product

  • Before using the product, make sure that the screws are intact. You only need a Phillips screwdriver to connect its 4 screws and everything else will click into place.
  • The toys are removable from the frame so make sure to check if its intact. You can also replace it with other more engaging toys if desire.
  • Take note also that the vibration on the bouncer take 1D battery to operate while the swing can be powered by the wall plug.
  • The highest vibration option may be too loud for your baby so make sure to adjust it according to his or her needs.
  • If the swing base is not in use, make sure to keep it somewhere safe so you can use it again without damages.


Good quality, value for money and our baby’s safety and happiness matter to us. At the same time, parents also love to take those mid-day naps and sound sleep. Surely, Graco Swing And Bouncer is a must-have for every family with babies. A 2-in-1 outstanding baby product perfect for playtime, learning and sleep, this product offers everything you could ever imagine as a parent.

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