How Long a Baby Should Use a Baby Swing?

Most babies prefer the soothing and relaxing feel of their baby swing. It helps them in a lot of ways. Parents also felt relieved when the swing can calm their young ones when they are colicky, teething, or having a hard time taking naps. For some experts, a baby swing is an important survival tool for both parents and newborns. Parents also consider baby swing as an important baby product that they should have.

However, you might be asking yourself, how and when your baby will outgrow her swing? Could this mean another sleepless episode for you? This scenario comes up a lot and as a parent, you should consider the reality: babies do not outgrow their swings. It is up to you decide and help them when to stop using the baby swing.

In an average, babies weigh 7.5lbs at birth. They will hit 21lbs in their first year. This is why Fisher Price has set a 25lbs weight limit on their swings while Graco has set 30 lbs limit. Most babies will only use their swing for a short span of time. When they reach 3-4 months old, many of them will feel comfortable sleeping without motion.

When to Stop Using the Swing

Each baby is unique. Some of them might need a little more time using their swing up to their sixth month. Sensitive babies or those who have reflux may need to stay until 8-10 months old. Below are general guidelines you can use to determine if your baby is ready to let go of her swing.

  • If your baby can still comfortably nap in her swing for a good two hours, then it is not time yet.
  • If you still need to rock, bounce and swing your baby to calm her and get her to sleep, she still needs her swing.
  • If you still have a hard time putting your baby to sleep on your own, the swing is still important.

However, some parents would like to wean off their babies in their swing as early as possible. This is mostly due to safety reasons especially if the baby can climb out the swing. Experts also do not recommend babies to sleep for too long on their swings.

If the child gets active and is able to climb out, immediately stop using the swing to avoid accidents. Whilst there are no specific guidelines as how early your baby should stop using her swing, her developmental abilities will help you. The durations of use can be long depending on baby’s activity level and maturity.

Whatever the reasons are, we suggest you follow these steps to start weaning off your precious one from her baby swing. The first attempts could be challenging but with constant practice, your little one can soon let go of her precious swing.

How to Stop Baby From Using the Swing?

First, you should gradually limit the time your baby spends in her swing. Consumer reports say you shouldn’t leave her for more than 30 minutes. Some baby experts also suggest removing baby after 30 minutes of using the swing.

Sleeping cues are crucial to helping you train your baby when it is naptime or bedtime. This could be her pacifier, dim light or a lullaby.

  1. Using white noise or having your baby in a tight swaddle whenever she is about to sleep are already sleeping cues. This time, you will remove the swing as part of her cues. Start the crib transition during bedtime. It will be easier for you to start compared to mid-day naps. After you have mastered bedtime, you can move on to naps during the day.
  2. You can still continue using the baby swing but start reducing the speed. Choose the lowest speed option. It will also help if you will minimally lessen the amount of using the swing every day.
  3. Our goal here is to make your baby sleep without the swinging motion. Once your baby is asleep, transfer her to the crib. Although this could be tough at first, your baby will eventually learn and adopt the sleeping cues.
  4. Repeat the process during your baby’s naps. Sometimes, babies can hardly sleep if they are used to sleeping in their swings. Be consistent and try again.

Babies and toddlers are quick to adapt and form habits. Thus, they will soon learn how to sleep without the aid of baby swing. The earlier your baby stops using her swing, the better. Sleeping too long while sitting makes it hard for them to get an adequate supply of oxygen.

Like baby swings, strollers, bouncers, rockers and baby carriers are not recommended for sleeping. Experts also say that naps in the swing are poor quality since they are in a constant motion. Still it is advisable for babies to sleep on their backs.

You can still use the swing but in moderation. Make sure to limit your baby’s use of swing and do not leave her unattended. Baby swings should come in handy but don’t use it more often to avoid problems in the future.

Start as Early As Possible

Baby swings and other baby gear could be a great tool for stopping baby’s cranky spells and colic episodes. However, these things are not something that parents would want to use all the time. It is better if you will get to the root cause of your child’s napping problems. Instead of relying in your swing for a longer period of time, find solutions to address the problems.

Swings tend to be “band-aid” fix that parents do every time their babies are having difficulties sleeping. There are professional coaching strategies and sleep training offered by experts to help you deal with baby’s sleep troubles.

Moreover, babies require some exercise and activities. Leaving them for a long time in their swings every day takes away that crucial time when they should be on the floor rolling, flapping their arms and interacting with you.

Walter F.Hallett

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แทงบอลออนไลน์ - May 23, 2016

My mom taught me to swaddle when my son ( now 13) was a baby and i am a super fan of the blankets although i have certain fabrics i prefer over others. I made my blankets for him. I have seen the new swaddlers with the velcro and they look pretty neat. With my next baby i may try it.

Julia T. Jordan - June 27, 2016

I think it’s definitely right to use Baby Swing for 4-6 months.it’s really useful for baby safety and also helpful when to have to go to work, thanks a lot

Natasha Wilton - June 28, 2016

#Agree with you.Kids love to swing in their early age. It also makes them joy,soothing and relaxing feel.Thanks for your awesome post.


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