How to Use Snugabunny Cradle ‘n Swing?

Whilst there are numerous types and manufacturers of baby swings in the market nowadays, Fisher-Price’s My Little Snugabunny Cradle ‘n Swing is among the most popular. What makes it at par with its competitors is the versatility that it offers. From the name itself you can use it as a cradle and swing.

Moreover it has 6 different swing speeds, 2 different swinging motions and 3 different cradle positions. No matter how your baby wanted to use it, the Snugabunny swing is the perfect baby gear to do it. Parents also love this baby swing because it offers comfort and safety and it is easier to use.

Despite its simplicity and ease of usage, some (especially new parents) gets confused on how this whole thing works. Let us show you how!

Directions to Use

1Comfort is very crucial for parents like us. We always see to it that our babies are comfortable in their place thus, Fisher-Price puts a lot of effort to achieve this. The image shows the body support attached to the unit.


This is the motorized frame where the toy bar is attached. Babies enjoyed the birds and mirror attached to it however, some parents said the mobile was not colourful and bright.

You can put the cradle in a position that suits your baby by just pressing the button at the back and rotating the seat. You can have it adjusted to a reclining or an upright position. Push the seat back up and wait until it “snaps” to an upright position and down for a reclining position.


You can choose from 6 swing speed by pressing the buttons as shown in the image. Note that the product may not swing unless a child is in the seat. The swinging will stop approximately after 4 hours so just press the button to start again.


As you can see there is music/sound collection that babies love. It has nature sounds and sound of water which are both calming and soothing.

To play the sound, press the corresponding button and press it again to turn it off. The music/sound stops approximately after 20 minutes so press the button again to restart. To adjust the volume, press the volume button and select the level.


You can use the swing from baby’s birth until he or she reached the maximum weight limit which is 25lbs. After placing your child in the seat, put the restraint pad in between her legs. Make sure that the waist belt is fitted through the end of the shoulder belt. There should be a “click” sound meaning, the belts are fastened appropriately.


After using the swing, store it properly.  You can easily detach its frame support bar from the legs by pushing the tab and releasing it.

Next, unbuckle the restraint system and remove canopy from the swing tube. Put it in a dry place away from moist and water.

You can remove the seat pad and have it washed with mild detergent. Clean the restraint system, seat, motorized frame, toy and mobile with mild cleaning soap and damp cloth. Always check the swing for loose screws and broken parts.

Likewise, make it a habit to check the AC adapter before using it. See to it that the cord is not damaged and the housing parts are in-tack to avoid electric shock, fire or related injury. Do not use the AC adapter if the cord is already damaged and do not use alternative cords not provided by the manufacturer.

Same thing goes for all the parts of the Snugabunny Cradle ‘n Swing. If there are missing or damaged parts, call the manufacturer’s customer service hotline to ask for a replacement or to purchase the needed parts.

Other Important Reminders

  • The Snugabunny is a motorized baby swing hence, it needs electricity to operate. It comes with AC wall adapter that is very convenient to use. You also have the option to use 4D-Cell batteries if you have no access to electricity. However, using 4D batteries is not really efficient since it will only last for 3 hours.
  • We recommend you to use the AC adapter whenever possible to avoid extra cost on your part. But if you will use the swing on a trip somewhere, the batteries are of great help and the swing will run perfectly on it.
  • Another important quality that every consumer must look for when purchasing baby swing is a wide base. Fisher- Price’s Snugabunny has a wide base for stabilization with four rubber grips. Rest assure it will keep the swing in place and will not get knocked over on its own.
  • Always place you baby swing in a level surface to prevent your baby from tipping over. Also do not use the swing near the kitchen, bathroom, and swimming pool or sink to prevent moist from damaging the unit.
  • Remove the batteries if the swing is not in use. Leaky and damaged batteries should be disposed properly.

Why We Love Snugabunny!

Aside from ease of use, parents and babies alike love Fisher-Price’s Snugabunny Cradle ‘n Swing because of its overall look. It has sturdy grips so babies are safe and the seat is comfortable because of its snug fit. In general, it is an excellent swing. Its versatility and different options and settings are highly appreciated by babies and toddlers. It is another good deal for so many reasons.

On the other hand, there are also some complaints such as the battery life we mentioned earlier. It only lasts for three hours but again, you have the option to use the AC wall adapter. Others would also complain that the motor was loud but this should be expected in motorized baby swings.

While there are some issues for some people, the Snugabunny is still among the favourite when it comes to baby swings because of its 16 different built-in songs and nature sounds that will surely entertain every fussy and colicky baby.

Walter F.Hallett

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