Let’s Talk About Batteries for your Baby Swing

At some point you will find yourself rocking your baby to sleep but at the same time, you are aching to have a break. Perhaps getting a baby swing will help you to get things done or take some decent rest while your baby is sleeping soundly. Being accustomed to your womb for months, your newborn or infant may want that gentle, rhythmic motion that a baby swing can mimic.

Moreover a baby swing is one safe place to put your precious little one down while calming his colic episodes or soothing him to sleep. However, you have plenty of baby swings types to choose from. You can choose from going traditional or battery operated swing. Whilst traditional or wind-up baby swing types are way cheaper, battery-operated types are more convenient in terms of use and features.

The Best Batteries to Use

Battery operated baby swings usually offer a lot more features such as music settings, swinging motions, speed options and lights and sounds. However, there are specific types of batteries that experts recommend for baby swings. This is to avoid damaging the unit and preventing problems or injuries of your baby in the long run.

  1. Alkaline batteries – are most recommended type of battery since it provides long lasting power source. Baby gears, toys and baby product manufacturers prefer alkaline batteries for its good performance and value.
  1. D-Cell Rechargeable batteries- to avoid spending too much in purchasing new batteries, there are rechargeable batteries you can also use. These batteries are recommended for frequently used devices such as a baby swing. Every unit can hold a charge up to six months or can recharged for a hundred of times.

Apparently, rechargeable batteries are the best but you have to search for the best brand and quality. These batteries don’t become weaker even after many recharging and it can still hold charges very well. Likewise invest in a good quality charger.

Although some types of baby swings come with plug-in options, some of its features such as vibration, nature sounds, music and rotating toys are still battery operated. Take a good look on the specifications of your baby swings to determine which type of battery is required.

Battery Safety Usage

Below are some safety precautions in using batteries for baby swings;

  • Always keep the batteries our of children and babies reach to avoid swallowing.
  • Any types of battery may leaked acid if you will use it with other types (mixing alkaline with rechargeable types) so instead, use a specific type one at a time.
  • Insert the batteries appropriately and replaced all batteries at the same time.

  • If using rechargeable batteries, recharge it all at the same time.
  • Never recharge a non-rechargeable battery.
  • Immediately discard damaged, torn or leaky batteries as these may cause skin injuries and burns.
  • Make sure to dispose the batteries in a proper manner which is in accordance with your state and local regulations.
  • If the swing will not be in used for a longer period. Remove the batteries to avoid damages and leaks.
  • Make it a habit to check your baby swing especially for corrosion in battery terminals. Rotate the batteries in place or clean the terminals with steel wool or sandpaper if the corrosion is severe.
  • Before using the baby swing for the first time, make sure you already know the battery requirement of the swing. You can see it inside the battery compartment or in the product’s manual.
  • Register your baby swing online using the manufacturer’s website. This will help them to contact you immediately if there will be a problem or your baby swing is intended for recall.

As a good rule of thumb, completely discharge the batteries every so often. Likewise, charge and discharge the batteries completely before using them. Another battery that is widely used for baby swings is the Nickel Cadmium (NiCad) rechargeable batteries. It comes in different battery sizes; AA, AAA, C, Sub C, D and 9 volt. The size D is the most suitable for baby swings.

Most baby swings in the market today are battery-operated as these emit low churning noise which can be soothing for some babies. However there are some swings that offer a plug-in option, reducing the constant need for new batteries. Usually its motorized mobile include spinning toys for your baby’s delight and this mobile can only be run with batteries.

The good thing about battery-operated swings is that they are lightweight yet sturdy. This is best for those who are living in condos or studio type apartments.

Enjoying the Baby Swing

After deciding which battery type and brand to purchase, your baby swing is now ready for use. This could be handy if you need to take short naps while keeping the baby safe and sound. However, do not park your baby in the swing for longer periods or let her sleep in it overnight. More time can make him feel dizzy or cause SIDS among infant. The crib is still the best place for your baby to sleep but the swing can definitely helpful especially if she has breathing issues or has cold so always talk to your paediatrician to know what’s best.

Moreover make sure that your baby swing is sturdy with strong posts and stable frame and a wide stance to avoid tipping. Aside from features, music and speed options, you will wanted the baby swing to be washable and well padded and provides secure harness for your little one.

Some parents will find battery-operated baby swings a waste of money since batteries are costly especially D-cells. Still, battery-operated types are helpful for outdoor and travel use or if you do not have access to any power source. It offers the convenience of portability anywhere in your home. Plus this type of swing has lots of baby features that you can choose from. After all every babies have different preferences and personalities.

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