The List of “Must-Have” for Newborns

The early weeks of a newborn could mean a handful of tools and must-have stuff. It can be overwhelming since there are plenty of baby gears that you could find in the market. Excited parents especially, first timers can think of various baby needs and tend to end up buying things that are not really required.
For your newborn’s must have, we come up with a short list so you and baby can survive his or her first few months. These are the things that we considered necessary to make parenting job easier for you and for baby.


This comes first in our list since newborns tend to sleep almost all the time during their first few weeks. A portable napper comes in handy during midday naps and allows your baby to sleep anywhere comfortable and quiet in the house.
By all means, you will need a crib for long-term use but, more often, newborns are most likely to sleep with their parents which are actually recommended by pediatricians as well. The portable napper is one safe gear to use.


Are no newbie in the must-have list. These long, stretchy fabrics allow parents to carry their babies for longer periods without feeling fatigue. It is an effective and safe carrier option for baby’s first few months. Parents find it efficient in calming colicky and grumpy newborns.

You are literally wrapping your baby in your body so it is more secure to use. However, wraps can be tricky to wear, but once you know how, it can free both your hands and allows you to do other things while carrying the baby.
Also, make sure to only use baby wraps from trusted manufacturers to ensure the baby’s comfort and safety.


There is nothing awesome than having an infant car seat in conjunction with a stroller caddy so you can easily attach it to a stroller frame. There are various stroller brands which offer the same equipment. You can bring the stroller caddy and infant car seat while travelling with the baby which makes life easier.

But, make sure that your stroller caddy goes well with your infant car seat so you don’t need to modify it and that it is compatible even without straps. Stroller frames are also affordable, lightweight and easier to use compared to full-size strollers. The stroller caddy is indeed very convenient to use.


Whilst other considers this equipment as optional, we strongly suggest you go get one. With video monitor, you can easily check and see why baby is fussing or crying after you put her down to sleep.
Luckily, there are different types of video monitor to choose from according to your requirements. Some can be connected with multiple cameras or can pan and tilt to see the entire nursery. This equipment is very useful so you can check the baby frequently.

Look a model that has low-battery light and if possible, a wireless type. This will enable you to check your baby while doing household chores anywhere in the house. Some even have belt clip so they can bring it with them. Other models also have this feature called sound-activated light. Simply, it flashes when it detected noise.


While onesies and pajamas are popular clothing for newborns, nightgowns can make things a whole lot easier. No buttons or zippers to deal with, you can also change diapers in a breeze. This sleepwear provides comfort and safety. It also aids in keeping baby’s ideal body temperature.

What we also like about nightgowns is that most of it is made from cotton and other breathable natural fabrics. Likewise, nightgowns are usually free from strings, ribbons, ties and decorative embellishments that can cause risk to the child.
Remember that big, fluffy blankets and huge comforters are not advisable to keep the baby warm. These materials can cause them SIDS or suffocation.


Almost every baby that we know loves white noise and nature sounds. It helps them sleep better. These repetitive sound mimics the sound inside the womb so it keeps babies comfortable and at peace. Sound machines normally play endless white noise that is sure to relax and sooth your baby and can drown out other loud noises in the household.

Moreover, sound machines are effective tools in calming colicky babies and sleep-deprived ones. However, make sure to place the sound machine as far from the baby napper or crib as possible. According to some health experts, placing the sound machine near your sleeping baby can put pressure on his hearing.


A reliable pump is all we need if we are determined to breastfeeding the baby. A manual or electrical pump both offers advantages and disadvantages to mommies. Electrical pumps can be rented from some hospitals or clinics, but buying your own is still the best solution.

There are various electrical pumps at a very affordable price in the market nowadays. If you prefer manual pumping for some reason, you can also do so. Of course, it works great when you need to pump and there’s no available electric supply nearby. Breast pumps are also ideal to keep the stimulation so even working mothers can produce constant supply of milk.

The Ultimate Must-Have

There is an endless list of newborn must-have and some parents tend to end up buying almost everything in their baby registry. Apparently, not all of these baby’s stuffs can be useful as every baby is unique. Well, it may seem that everyone in the family will have their opinions about what is necessary to be in the baby registry. That is completely normal.
It is highly recommended to only purchase the necessary things to avoid overspending over baby clothes and gears. Be prepared when baby comes, but don’t overdo it. Online forums will help you determine which of these baby needs are really required.
And before you do the final buying decision, check the materials, specifications and features of every product. We are always after our baby’s joy and safety.

Walter F.Hallett

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