The Things you Need to Know About Baby Swings

Having a new baby in the house means having another reason for the family to be happy and feel excited. However it may also means having more baby stuffs at home and tripping off the floor more often. Whilst there are numerous types of baby gears in the market today, a baby swing could be a lifesaver to you.

Dozens of baby swings are available but there are factors to consider such as your budget, space concerns, comfort, fancy features and other extras. Moreover, safety is our number one priority thus we are looking for the sturdy kind of baby swing. A grumpy, irritated, moody and colicky baby could be hard to ease thus; a baby swing is an awesome way to soothe your baby easily!

So how can we choose the best baby swing for our little one? This guide is specifically done to help buyers like you in selecting the best type of baby swing.


Most first-time parents get completely overwhelmed by the huge volume of baby gears and products to buy along with a wide variety of choices that each present. While the other offers better features than the others, it is really hard for us to decipher. There are universal types of swings which could be more convenient for us and for the household especially if you have limited space or budget.

Below is a list of the differences of each type that can have a huge impact on your purchasing decision.

FULL SIZE BABY SWINGS – most people refer to this type of swing whenever they talk about “baby swing”. In general, it can accommodate your baby from birth and until he or she is 30 pounds depending on the manufacturer. Usually these types are large, foldable and raised off the ground. Some of its features are:

Fullsize Baby Swing

  • Full size baby swings come with various baby features and offers comfort and swinging motion for your precious one.
  • Parents usually opt for swings like this if they have bigger space at home and those who intend to leave their babies in one room.
  • The most common place to place a full size swing is in the playroom, living room or the kitchen where parents and older relatives mostly stay during daytime.

PORTABLE/COMPACT SWINGS– our daily routines and hectic schedules are already demanding thus, attending to a grumpy baby can add up to the challenge. Thanks to portable swings, you can carry it anywhere you want to soothe your baby. They are the simpler versions of traditional full swings with less entrapment and other features that full baby swings have.

Portable Baby Swing

  • And because it is usually lightweight, you can carry it anywhere in the house.
  • It is useful for newborn babies to 1 year olds and some brands can be even used as a stationary seat during feeding time.
  • Since it is portable, it has footprint that only requires small space. An ideal baby swing type for those who have space issues.

However, the major downside of portable swing type is that it is low-to-the-ground which makes it easier for older siblings or pets to disturb your baby in the swing. Still, many parents choose portable swings because they are relatively inexpensive with less complicated options and features.

COMBINATION OR HYBRID BABY SWINGS – from the name itself this type of baby swing is a combination of the full size and portable swing. Other brands even have the features of a seat, a bouncer and a glider in one baby gear. However they tend to be heavier since they have more than 2 features for your baby. Likewise, the hybrid swing type offers various advantages but these also depend on the manufacturers:

  • It is an excellent way for you to save on baby gears and at the same time, a great way to save space.
  • Apparently hybrid swings are great investment since it provides a myriad of options on how you can soothe, entertain and calm your baby.

The major downside is the price as the hybrid type of swings are quite expensive compared to the traditional and portable swings. Under the hybrid swings are the following.

GLIDER SWINGS – these are innovative baby gears specifically designed to comfort your baby in a soothing way. It moves gently and can be easily move around the house so you can keep your baby near you all the time.

                                                  Glider Swing

BOUNCER SWINGS – babies love to play and while keeping them entertained, we also want to ensure their safety and comfort. Baby bouncers are now the solution for modern parents to give their youngsters all of the said requirements. This combine the serene swinging motion and bouncy fun that babies need.

                                  Bouncer Swing

CRADLE SWINGS– mostly babies look for their mother’s care and warmth and it helps them to stay calm thus, placing them in a cradle swing could greatly help. With cradle swings, you can tenderly sway your baby to sleep.

                                        Cradle Swing

ROCKER SWINGS – it is challenging for parents to soothe their colicky and moody babies but with the advent of rocker swings, you can also now sigh in relief. Its dual function which is rocking and swinging your baby makes it another babies’ favorite gear.

                                                         Rocker Swing

TODDLER SWINGS – babies grow up so fast and the last thing you’ll know, they are ready for that toddler swing. This type of swing makes it a lot easier and convenient for parents to keep their babies safe while playing, reading baby books, feeding and learning new things. This is best for babies from 6 months to 3 years.

                                              Toddler Swing


Every baby is unique and so are the baby swings. Choose the best swing based on your baby’s preferences, mood and needs and look for the product that offers the most important functions for you. Look for reviews and forums discussing about baby products to learn more and probe for other options to help you come up with the best purchasing decision.

Other Types According to Features

Aside from the three types of baby swings discussed above, there are also other types of baby swings according to features they offer. In general, most of the features below are available in every type of swing (full size, portable and hybrid swing) but portable types may have fewer features.

  • Power source option is a major concern for us parents. Old versions of baby swings were wind-up models which you need to rewound every after 15 minutes. Manufacturers developed baby swings that come with AC adapter (plug-ins) or battery operated which is apparently, very handy especially when our baby is outdoors.
  • Whilst wind-up swings are the most inexpensive models, they are not widely available. And although plug-ins are more expensive compared to battery operated, you can still save huge since the batteries needed in compact versions will definitely add up to the overall cost of your swing thus, you should consider the battery life of the baby swing you will purchase.
  • Because newborns and younger babies still lack control of their heads, keeping them in an upright position is difficult and for that, swings with different recline angles are very useful. This feature is usually included in hybrid types of swings. It provides older infants that “seat with a view” benefit while it is also perfect in cradling newborns.
  • Speed and swing motions are another important features when looking for a baby swing. While other babies enjoy slow glides, some are comfortable with fast swings. Thus look for a swing with multiple speed settings to accommodate your baby’s preferences, moods and needs.
  • Music options has become a staple in most baby gears nowadays. Take time to consider the type of music for your baby especially newborns. Make sure that the quality of the sound is not annoying and that it can really keep your baby snoozing or entertained.

High-end types of baby swings have an MP3 plug-in option which enables users to attach their iPods and other sound device to the swing and play their desired music through the speakers.

Making a Sound Decision

After all the reviews about baby swings, apparently you will have to finally make a decision on what type of product to purchase. This would mean picking up over two models that closely meet your requirements and criteria as well as the best price for you. The most popular brands in the market are Fisher Price and Graco and their products are available in most of baby departments.

But keep in mind that ordering for a special or hybrid type of baby swing will also mean special type of ordering or you need to personally drop by at a specific baby store to acquire it. If you and your family is flexible in terms of features and brands, you can also opt to buy used baby swings. You can look for it through flea markets, classified ads, online sellers and garage sales.

However make sure that the used baby swing really operates, the frames are intact, the screws are not loosen up and the fabrics or seat covers are still in good shape.

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