Top 15 Strong Names Ideal For Your Baby Boy

Brainstorming a great name for babies is ideally challenging especially to new parents. Although technology has made it easier to search for a good baby name, some parents are still left undecided.

Basically, the number one concern of parents is the uniqueness of the name aside from its meaning. Different names and its variations are emerging from the simple four-letter word to the complicated long names.

From the day you are born up to the day you will pass away, your name will significantly determine you as a person. Thus, names are important, but they must also be powerful. If you are deciding what to name your baby, keep reading in order to know some powerful and strong names for your baby boy!

Why Are Names Important?

Aside from the fact that names are for recognition, every person has the right to be named. Names are also for identification purposes and for assessment. Countless names with different meanings are everywhere.

Nowadays, names can also be unisexual. Have you heard of a girl named Andy and a boy named Kelsey? So, it doesn’t really matter what name you should choose for your baby as long as it has a really good meaning.

Whether you are applying for a passport or you are going to school, names are necessary for your documents. The truth is, names are not only important to the person who bears it but it is also essential to the people who have given the names.

We are no longer in the primitive eras. The mere fact that we celebrate birthdays, we are also celebrating the day when we were first called by our names. Why are names important? Come to think of it, I’d rather be called by my name than “hey” or “you” with a finger pointed at me.

If people are nameless, what could I call you when I ask for your personal information? Imagine the world with all people just staring at each other because they are clueless of what to call one another.

What Should You Name Your Baby?

Just like what I have said, the struggle in deciding what to name your baby is real. There are a lot of good names for your baby boy but it would be better to take a close up look at those.

Would you rather choose a popular name or a unique one? The new trend today is naming the baby after a renowned idol or a famous star. Others choose names that could easily be spelled and pronounced while some are combining the names of the parents.

I have also heard a name with the words inverted from another word, for instance, Ariel to Leira and Aries to Seira. Brainstorming is exciting because that’s the first thing parents do when they confirm that a baby is on the way.

Regardless of the gender, unisexual names are safer unless you aim for a girly or a more masculine name. When naming your baby boy, the intensity of the name should really be considered.

You should also pick a name that may not be a subject for bullying when your child starts to go to school. So if you are looking for a unique yet powerful name, you’ve come to the right page.

For first-time parents and expecting mothers, I have provided a list of the names suitable for your baby boy along with their meanings. Take a look at the list below!

Top 15 Best Baby Boy Names that means “Strong”

1. Aaron

Aaron means lofty, exalted, and High Mountain. It is a biblical name which also means teacher, lofty, and mountain of strength. In the bible, Aaron is remembered as the older brother of Moses and the keeper of God’s command.

In Shakespearean, Aaron also holds the meaning of “The Tragedy of Titus Andronicus’ A Moor, beloved by Tamora.” Although it is a common name in some places, the name Aaron has a strong connection to leadership, power, and wealth.

People with this name tend to have a powerful force that often succeeds in every endeavor. However, if you fail to develop their potential, you may become quixotic and intransigent.

2. Jedrek

A Polish baby name, Jedrek means “a strong man”. People carrying the name of Jedrek often have a deep inner desire in performing power, leadership, and personal independence. These people tend to focus more on the broader, detailed, and important issues.

You are competent, practical, powerful, and wealthy. As a result, you often succeed in business and commercial affairs. However, your private lives and relationships may be neglected due to your immense desire for success.

3. Ekon

The name Ekon is an African baby boy name which means strong. Ekon-named people tend to be an inspiration to others in a higher degree. You are known to have strong spiritual beliefs which you share with other people.

You are passionate, compassionate, spontaneous, and charming. You have the ability to draw people’s attention instinctively due to your calm self-confidence and authenticity. People with this name choose to serve humanity because you are usually humanitarian, charitable, and generous.

However, your generosity and warm-heartedness often lead you into exploitation. Though you easily fall in love, you also get hurt easily.

4. Hagan

Hagan means young in Gaelic and little Hugh in Irish. In Teutonic, Hagan means strong defender. People with this name have an inner fascination for love and companionship. Peace and harmony are your main goals in working with other people.

You tend to leave a powerful impact to the people you interact. People with this name are adept, charismatic leaders who succeed in all endeavors. You fight for justice, discipline, and truth, though you are quick-tempered.

5. Neron

Neron is a Spanish name which means strong. People with this name have a great desire to be an inspiration to other people in a higher manner. You aim to share their immense spiritual beliefs to the people around you.

Neron-named people are usually creative and expressive. You often enjoy life to the fullest while you express their immense love for arts. You succeed in their careers but you don’t forget to enjoy every moment of it.

You are outgoing involving yourselves in various activities. But you are sometimes foolhardy when it comes to your energies and money.

6. Zeke

Zeke is the abbreviation of Ezekiel and it carries the Hebrew meaning of God strengthens or may God strengthen. People with this name are great leaders and independents. You usually focus on the most important issues rather than the useless matters.

You are quiet, cooperative, accommodating, affectionate, versatile, and fair. These people have great respect for other’s confidence and are trustworthy. These traits often make you a good mediator, diplomats, and partners.

Zeke-named people are often very instinctive. You choose detail and order over chaos, but you worry about change. Regardless of your traits, you also feel insecurity and restlessness.

7. Takeo

Takeo is a Japanese name meaning strong like bamboo. People with this name are usually creative and expressive. You are good public speakers, actors, writers, and singers.

You desire for the beauty around you, in your home, and work office. You are good in analyzing problems, understanding situations, and learning new ideas. If your name is Takeo, you often follow your path to be a philosopher, teacher, scholar, and mystics.

Due to your introspective and quiet side, you are deemed to be introverts, aloof, and melancholy. But you see the larger scale of the picture whenever introduced to issues and problems.

8. Andreas

Andreas means strong, manly, and brave. It is derived from the Greek name Andrew which has been a famous name in Scotland.

People with this name tend to yearn for serenity and they usually tend to assess the world they are living in. These people are the seekers of deep truths.

If your name is Takeo, it means to say that you are competent, realistic, powerful, and wealthy. You often succeed in business and commercial affairs where you achieve substantial earthly possessions. However, you may usually disregard your personal life and relationship due to these desires.

9. Ethan

Ethan is a biblical name that means strong, a gift of the island, and constancy. Ethan-named people yearn for a stable, loving family and society, and appreciation. You always want things to work out with other people.

People with this name are usually creative and expressive. You love arts and they value life as it is. Although you are involved in numerous activities, you are negligent in terms of energy and money.

10. Donovan

Donovan is a Celtic name which means strong fighter. People with this name yearn for order and wisdom about physical experience. You want involvement in conventional, safe endeavors.

You are orderly and service-oriented individuals. You value discipline, justice, and veracity; however, you may be short-tempered to those who are opposite your beliefs. Practicality makes it easier for you to manage and to save money as well as in creating things.

Their practicality, however, leads them to be prudent and timid at times.

11. Alcandor

Alcandor is a Greek name which means manly and strong. If you have this name, it means you are ambitious, independent, and enthusiastic. You are direct and you want to lead with your utmost willpower.

You are resolute and purposeful but you cannot be easily influenced. Though you may be stubborn at times, you are courageous, bold, and willful. You tend to listen to other people because you are also flexible.

12. Aziz

Aziz is an Arabic name which means ‘the all-powerful’. There are various variations of this name including Azeez, Aziez, Azeaz, Azyz, and Azize.

If your name is Aziz, you are determined and liberated. You are a good leader that desires for great results while inspiring other people around you. You also tend to be a good listener taking your purpose into consideration.

13. Briccio

Briccio is a Celtic name that means strength. Despite its meaning, people with this name tend to be emotional, sensitive, and timid. But this doesn’t mean that you are aloof and introvert.

If your name is Briccio, you are friendly and understanding. Peace and harmony are necessary for you to be happy. Though you are sensitive, you stand firm on what you believe in and stick to your ideas even if it becomes useless.

You must embrace changes more as the time goes by and be more independent when it comes to your thoughts.

14. Chale

A Spanish baby name, Chale means a strong man. You can alter the spelling into Chail, Chael, Chayl, Chaile, Chaele, or Chayle. Having this name means you are intuitive and expressive.

You are good at expressing your feelings and emotions but you also have a strong sense of humor. Oftentimes, people love you because of your positivity and the intense vibes around you. You love to inspire other people.

If your name is Chale, you are cheerful, outspoken, spontaneous, romantic, and lighthearted. On the other note, you spend so much money on an item at times.

15. Erol

Erol means strong and courageous in Turkish. People with this name may need a good deal of freedom. You are passionate and more of a physical person.

Your high perceptions make it difficult to take advantage of you. Though you are sociable, you desire for attention and entertainment. You are creative and adaptable who is capable of solving issues at different perspectives.

You and What Your Name Actually Means

Regardless of what you are called, you are precious in your own little ways. Names are determiners, but your attitude and traits are what actually defines you as a person.Although names really matter a lot, a little creativity is needed to come up with an ideal name for your child. Consider the disadvantages it may bring your child in the future. You don’t want your child to be picked on at school due to the name you’ve given him.At times, having similar names are a bit confusing and dangerous. Some situations arise when a person is accused of mistaken identity. Your name is a stone that could identify you but your attitude is a gem that could describe you.

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