Every Parent’s Guide in Using Baby Swings

Baby gears and products such as soothers, bouncers and swings are wonderful tools in keeping a fussy baby occupied or in getting a few extra minutes for you to get things done. Having a baby at home, parents like you probably know that such a little person will need plenty of stuff. From changing table to toys, to milk bottles and crib, your little bundle of joy might still need another special gear that most parent are familiar with.

However not all babies are a fan of baby swing but if your baby is a swing lover, chances are the baby swing will be her comfortable place at your home. Mid day naps are frequent during infancy but the question is, should you let your baby sleep longer in the swing? We come up with a guide about baby swing usage that every parents like you should know. The list may not be that comprehensive as we still have plenty of concerns in terms of safety and comfort but let’s discuss the most common issues.

  • Unsupervised or Prolonged Sleep – whilst convenience is important for us parents, the safety of our young ones should be our first priority. There are safety concerns surrounding prolong sleeping of babies in the swing. The general rule is, it is not safe for them sleep in the swing for longer periods especially if unsupervised. According to a new guideline released by The American Academy of Pediatrics, it is not advisable for using baby swings as sleeping aids. Sitting upright got longer periods can cause difficulty in breathing which increase the risk of SIDS or Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. Hence it is not recommended to let the sleep in their swings at night. Still you can use it for short naps and supervised sleep during the day.


  • Mi-day, short naps are considered safe only if the baby swing provides harness and safety system. Likewise do not add pillows, blankets and stuffed animals inside the swing to prevent suffocation.
  • We are not leaving the impression here that baby swings are unsafe however, it should not be used at all times. Use it properly as it is still considered an excellent tool for pacifying fussy babies and give you some free time at the moment.
  • Newborns tend to have erratic sleeping patterns and colic and baby swings are great in coping with such behaviours.
  • Excessive use of swing increases the baby’s tendency to curl up or fall and get severe injuries.

Limitations of Baby swing

Like any other products or gears, baby swings have limitations and specifications. These are excellent companions and friendly solution for moms and dads but as a parent or guardian of the baby, you should also be aware of its specifications so not to misuse it and for the sake of baby’s safety. Following are some common pointers to remember;

  • Age limit- some swings have age specifications but most of it can be used from birth to toddlerhood. For preemies, it is recommended for parent to consult their paediatrician first to determine if the baby swing is suitable for the child. Also check for the swing’s age specifications before purchasing or using it.

  • Weight limit- some swings can only hold up to 13 kg but it is best to stop using it when your baby reaches 11 kg. This is to avoid breaking or upending the swing and causing injuries to your baby.
  • No doubt of a baby swing’s usefulness but according to experts, your baby should spend no more than 15 minutes in the swing and it is necessary at their age to be emotionally and physically bonded with their parents.

Use it in Moderation

Apparently too much of a good thing rule also applies in using baby swing. Since babies and toddlers are quick in forming new habits, rocking them to sleep or constantly swinging them with your arms can backfire. Indeed it is cute to know that your kid won’t settle for anything less than being held or rocked every time he sleeps as it already became a habit. Pretty soon you’ll realize that is not always a good thing for the both of you.

The same thing goes for midday naps. If your baby is a swing napper, you will find it difficult to make him nap anywhere else. Sooner you’ll start to feel that the swing is more of a problem than a solution. Now, to address this, you should follow the concept of starting as you mean to continue.

The baby swing is apparently a great tool for addressing your baby’s cranky episode but it shouldn’t be use for most of your baby’s sleeps and naps. Surely babies love that rocking motions and swings are efficient in helping parents to also take their most needed naps.


All in all, we can say that baby swings can help us raise our children but  will not completely replace the parents as human contact is really essential. Still it depends on your precious one if she prefers to be rocked to sleep. The feeling of security and peace of mind should always comes first. Aside from letting the baby swing to save the day, why not get to the root of the baby’s sleeping problems?

Try sleep training especially if your baby is on her 4th month and still struggles in napping. There are also sleep coaching strategies applicable for newborns such as sleep inducing routines and sleep plans. Babies don’t come with instruction booklet (how we wish they did) but new parents can find help with modern technology and products made only for babies.

Some baby products are just nice extras while baby swings are still must-haves for us. Make sure that you are extra cautious from purchasing to using to storing them. There might be other parameters that could affect your purchasing decisions and usage but we know you are only after your baby’s safety and comfort.

Walter F.Hallett