Fisher-Price Newborn Auto Rock ‘n Play Sleeper, Aqua Stone Fashion: A Product Review

Fisher-Price Newborn Auto Rock 'n Play Sleeper, Aqua Stone Fashion
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Review Summary:

The Rock n’ Play sleeper is one of the most approved baby gear in the market because of the features it offers

Baby swings, bassinets or sleepers are indeed helpful for parents and guardians in so many ways. They work miracles in soothing and calming, almost every baby’s mood. However, there are too many baby products to choose from.

Fisher-Price Newborn Auto Rock ‘n Play Sleeper, Aqua Stone Fashion is one of the many baby swings in the market these days that will sure to give value to your money. It offers features such as swinging motions, comforting sounds, calming lights and other customizable features to suit your baby’s emotions.

Like other products by Fisher Price, their Rock n’ Play sleeper is becoming more popular because of its ability to cater to your growing baby’s needs. More than its calming and soothing effects, it can also stimulate their senses.
Let’s get more into details below.

Features of the Product

Modern baby swings like the Rock n’ Play sleeper have a lot to offer. Its other features are;

1. Dual purpose

The Rock n’ Play sleeper can be used as playtime seat or an inclined sleeper with music and hands-free rocking motion. The unit is efficient for newborns as it has that extra-deep seat we are all looking for to keep them secure. Its comfortable newborn insert adds support to the baby’s wobbly head and helps them sleep all night long with ease.

2. Plug-in option

We know that battery-operated baby swings get drain easily. They will work for a couple of hours, and then you need to replace them or recharged them.
Fortunately, the Rock n’ Play sleeper has a plug-in option to save you money from spending over batteries. You can use the swing all night and day without worries. It comes with an A/C adapter which will help you make life easier.

3. Sights and sounds

It also has 12 different tunes such and three sound effects. It also features two different speeds to suit the baby’s mood and linkable clacker toy to keep baby entertain.

Benefits of Using Fisher-Price Newborn Auto Rock ‘n Play Sleeper, Aqua Stone Fashion

Good for babies

– The baby sleeper promotes security and comfort. Its gentle rocking motion, different sounds and clacker toys are sure to aid you whenever the baby gets grumpy.
– Fisher Price uses bright colors that can lift up your baby’s mood. The insert is also machine- washable.
– The breathable mesh sides ensure baby’s comfort.

– Its 12 songs and sound effects enhance their auditory skills. The fun clacker toys and sounds help strengthen your baby’s sensory skills as well.
– Younger babies cannot support their heads yet, thus the padded insert is very helpful. It provides control over your baby’s head and body.
– The design itself offers stability so you are sure that your baby is safe while in the sleeper.

Dads and moms will like it

– Parents have the option to use 4D batteries or the A/C adapter. You can bring the Rock n’ Play sleeper with you when you go on vacation or outdoors.
– It has a three point harness system keeping the baby secure. Plus, it is portable so you can bring it from one room to another.
– The seat-pad is machine washable for easy cleaning. Its legs are also foldable so you can store it easily.
– It offers two rocking speeds with comfy inclined seat position. Just press the button for that calming vibration to help you lull your baby to sleep.

– The features mentioned above helps in relaxing the baby and soothing them to sleep. Babies tend to have their unique and ever-changing sleeping patterns. The Rainforest swing will aid you in putting him to midday naps.

Pros and Cons


    Below are some of the many advantages that the Rainforest Swing offers.
  • According to those who already purchase the swing, the Fisher-Price Newborn Auto Rock 'n Play Sleeper, Aqua Stone Fashion is safe and secure because of its three-point restraint system. Our baby’s security matters a lot so we are after the products that will give us peace of mind.
  • The sounds and bright colors keep them amaze and entertain so parents like you can attend to small tasks.
  • The different sounds such and the built-in sound effects are really nice and these can effectively put your baby to sleep.
  • The rocker n’ sleeper doesn’t move fast even if you set it high so it is perfect for newborns and younger babies.


One of the cons that are notable with the Rock n’ Play sleeper is that, it has a 25-pound weight limit (which all other baby swing has). Babies grow up too fast and the next thing you know, your little sunshine won’t fit in his sleeper anymore. That is okay! We have other baby gears to cover you!

Attention when using the product

Before use, make sure that all the parts are intact and the product is well-assembled to prevent injuries. While the baby is in the swing, never allow him to slouch on the side or his head to be wobbly. For additional head and body support, use the padded insert.

Do not leave your baby alone in the swing. Regardless of its security system, adult supervision is highly required. Store the swing in a dry, cool place after use to prevent the frame from rusting and other damages. Likewise, keep it out from chemicals or pets to prolong its life.


We all love baby products that are reliable, user-friendly and sturdy. The Rock n’ Play sleeper is one of the most approved baby gear in the market because of the features it offers. However, once your baby starts climbing out of it that is the time you should stop using the swing. Always check the unit before using.

Moreover, read the manual. We assure that you and baby will have fun times using the Fisher-Price Newborn Auto Rock ‘n Play Sleeper, Aqua Stone Fashion. It is built for babies and approved by parents.

Walter F.Hallett

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